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svncommand-tng : Subversion (svn) Integration Plugin, the next generation (tng)

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Troy Curtis
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This is an update to Adam Lazur's svncommand script, vimscript #922, which was itself based on the cvscommand script (now vcscommand), vimscript #90.

Keywords: svn SVN svncommand subversion Subversion

Basically I pulled a newer version of cvscommand (1.76) that had a lot of nice updates that I wanted to use with Subversion and did what Adam did, which is lots of 's/CVS/SVN/'.  Then hacked on it till it worked like it was supposed to.  I also pulled in Adams SVNCommitDiff function for displaying a diff for a svn-commit.* file.  

Finally, I added a few features of my very own:
- Option to enable automatic execution of SVNCommitDiff when a svn-commit.* file is loaded.
- A simple property editor.  SVNPropedit with no options runs "svn proplist" to give you a listing of all the set properties.  If given an argument, it grabs the property of that name and gives you a window to update the value in.

The vcscommand script has just been updated to support Subversion (8-10-06), but so far there is not a property editor or CommitDiff function.

Shoot me an email if you find my additions useful!
install details
Untar the file into a temporary directory (Assuming Linux):
   # cd /tmp
   # tar -zxvf /downloads/svncommand-{REL}.tar.gz

Then you can install the files in one of two ways:

  - Allow my Makefile to install everything in the right subdirectory under ~/.vim
    # cd svncommand-{REL}
    #  make install            
- Manually copy each file in the subdirectories of the release to the same named directory under ~/.vim

This might well work with VIM 6.0 (cvscommand 1.76 does and it was based on that) but I have only tested it on 7.0 under Linux.  

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svncommand-1.76.2.tar.gz 1.76.2 2006-08-10 7.0 Troy Curtis Initial upload
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