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inccomplete : Plugin for C/C++/ObjC/ObjC++ include directive completion.

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x aizek
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This is a completion plugin for C/C++/ObjC/ObjC++ preprocessors include directive.

It can complete both "" and <> forms of #include.
For "" it gets all header files in the parent directory of current buffer or in any directory specified by a relative path.
And for <> it gets all files that have hpp or h extensions or don't have any.

You can complete files and directories.

It can be configured to use GNU find utility if you think it's faster than using VimL functions.

Source for "" completion is directory in which current file is located.

Sources for <> completion are:
- 'path' option (on *nix it's set to '/usr/include' by default, but on Windows you should set it to the right directories manually)
- g:clang_user_options ('-I' keys)
- b:clang_user_options ('-I' keys)

You can always find the latest version on github: http://github.com/xaizek/vim-inccomplete
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.
install details
Just extract vim-inccomplete.zip into your ~/.vim/ or ~/vimfiles/ (~/.vim/bundle/ or ~/vimfiles/bundle/ if you use Pathogen (vimscript #2332)).
This plugin can be used along with clang_complete plugin (vimscript #3302). And maybe with some others completion plugins that I haven't tested (inccomplete should work if it'll be loaded after some other completion plugin).

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-inccomplete-1.7.40.zip 1.7.40 2015-08-29 7.3 x aizek When defined, use b:inccomplete_root to complete local includes relative to project root.
Fix completion, which had some issues.
Enable plugin for filetypes like cpp.doxygen.
Parse g:clang_... even when clang_complete isn't installed.
Be more YCM-friendly.
Fix work in unnamed buffers.
vim-inccomplete-1.6.32.zip 1.6.32 2012-10-16 7.0 x aizek Add option to avoid auto-filling of the first match. Thanks to drougas (at cs dot ucr dot edu).
vim-inccomplete-1.6.31.zip 1.6.31 2012-09-22 7.0 x aizek Ignore directories which names start with a dot.
vim-inccomplete-1.6.30.zip 1.6.30 2012-09-02 7.0 x aizek Don't add directory to the list of matches when listing files in it
vim-inccomplete-1.6.29.zip 1.6.29 2012-04-18 7.0 x aizek Add option to append slashes to directories (g:inccomplete_appendslash).
vim-inccomplete-1.6.28.zip 1.6.28 2012-04-17 7.0 x aizek Avoid delay on adding comments after #include
Fix parsing of same directories several times
Optimize '#include <|' case as most useful
vim-inccomplete-1.6.25.zip 1.6.25 2012-02-12 7.0 x aizek Fix completing of <a/b/...> on Windows
vim-inccomplete-1.6.24.zip 1.6.24 2012-01-06 7.0 x aizek Don't require autochdir
vim-inccomplete-1.5.24.zip 1.5.24 2012-01-05 7.0 x aizek Fix bug with path completion while completing "../
Don't show second column on "-completion
Add slash to directories in completion menu
vim-inccomplete-1.5.21.zip 1.5.21 2011-10-12 7.0 x aizek Real Vim-style documentation
Fix bug with '#include "../foo"' on Windows
Add possibility to add directories to the list
Implement file searching using VimL
vim-inccomplete-1.3.20.zip 1.3.20 2011-06-02 7.0 x aizek Fixed little bug with slash type on linux.
Better performance.
vim-inccomplete-1.3.18.tgz 1.3.18 2011-04-22 7.0 x aizek Added inccomplete_addclosebracket option.
Fixed completion of paths like ../foo/bar.h and ../foobar.h.
Fixed sorting.
Added inccomplete_sort option (to allow case insensitive sorting).

vim-inccomplete-1.3.12.tgz 1.3.12 2011-04-17 7.0 x aizek Follow symbolic links.
More intelligent slash type detection.
vim-inccomplete-1.3.10.zip 1.3.10 2011-01-24 7.0 x aizek +Completion of subdirectories.
Bug Fix: '-' symbol in filenames for <> completion is now allowed.
vim-inccomplete-1.2.9.zip 1.2.9 2011-01-08 7.0 x aizek Bug Fix: invalid parsing of clang_complete options. Another way to add closing bracket. Now cache is global. Code refactoring.
vim-inccomplete-1.1.7.zip 1.1.7 2011-01-06 7.0 x aizek Now b:clang_user_options and g:clang_user_options are parsed for include directories.
vim-inccomplete-1.0.7.zip 1.0.7 2011-01-03 7.0 x aizek Automatically add closing brace.
vim-inccomplete-1.0.6.zip 1.0.6 2010-12-19 7.0 x aizek Bug Fix: incorrect comparison of paths on Windows.
vim-inccomplete-1.0.5.zip 1.0.5 2010-12-14 7.0 x aizek Missed old variable names have been fixed!
User-completion has been replaced with omni-completion to make it work fine with new versions of clang_complete.
Don't complete after second " in the line.
A little bug in ICComplete with l:user has been fixed.
vim-inccomplete-1.0.2.zip 1.0.2 2010-12-05 7.0 x aizek Bug Fix: ignore empty 'path' components.
vim-inccomplete-1.0.1.zip 1.0.1 2010-12-03 7.0 x aizek Bug Fix: Cached <>-include list wasn't updated after changing 'path' option.
vim-inccomplete.zip 1.0 2010-11-30 7.0 x aizek Initial upload
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