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Script Type Rating Down
codeforces.vim utility 16 1182 Vim plugin for CodeForces
simpleSnip utility 12 2998 Simple snippets utility.
ntservices utility 11 3298 Control NT services from Vim.
MapleSyrup ftplugin 10 1953 indenting, autoalign, and matchit support for Maple V
AlignFromCursor utility 9 2685 Perform :left / :right only for the text on and right of the cursor.
TEXT - fill char utility 7 878 script for on-the-fly indenting of columns according to previous or next line
Easy alignment to column utility 7 1078 Quickly align a word to a predefined column
EightHeader utility 7 1488 Easily create custom headlines, foldtext, toc, etc.
ntprocesses utility 6 2398 Kill NT processes from Vim
numlist.vim utility 6 1094 Add and remove id to a list items
Table Helper utility 3 728 Utility to help in the creation of tables of data
Comment Tools utility 1 794 Insert or align comments (+ruby required!)
tbibtools utility 1 2457 bibtex-related utilities (sort, reformat, list contents ...)
InsertFromAround utility 1 1210 Insert mode mappings to fetch text or indent from surrounding lines.
Spiffy Foldtext utility 1 752 easy foldtext via a format string, with added features
rebar utility 0 400 Vim plugin for using Rebar commands conveniently inside Vim
feralalign.vim utility 0 1447 Simple script to save you from "ciw<tab><tab><tab>" to align text.
PySuite utility 0 823 A collection of python vim scripts
align utility 0 771 Align the right ends of statements together.
prev_indent utility 0 2060 Utility functions for custom indentation of line under cursor
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