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Script Type Rating Down
vim-docvim syntax 0 394 Syntax highlighting for Docvim comments
8ch.vim syntax 0 520 8chan markdown formatting
pastek.vim syntax 6 934 Syntax for Pastek files
HybridText syntax 12 2180 A blend of useful document syntax for text files
fountain.vim syntax 159 4627 Syntax for Fountain screenplay files
vim-octopress syntax 0 448 Syntax highlighting for Octopress-flavored Markdown
easychair syntax 1 376 Syntax definition for EasyChair review files
js-mask syntax 1 652 More concise JavaScript using Vim's "conceal" feature
ikiwiki-syntax syntax 4 812 syntax highlighting for ikiwiki files
Slidedown Syntax syntax 4 354 highlighting for the Slidedown presentation tool
Markdown syntax 261 13452 Syntax highlight for Markdown text files
jlj.vim syntax 4 401 Syntax for JLJ Post files
pdc.vim syntax 37 2447 Syntax file for Pandoc
Markdown syntax syntax 108 9931 Syntax file for Markdown text-to-HTML language
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