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Libertine color scheme 1 182 A complex mix of seven strong bodied colors with citrus flavors and pine notes
Github.vim utility 4 60 Another github v3 api implemented in vim script
match-up utility 10 61 even better %, navigate & highlight matching word, modern matchit replacement
SQHell.vim utility 9 91 A lightweight SQL wrapper for vim
vim-lessmess ftplugin 1 47 Removes trailing white-space, fix mixed-indent and remove empty lines at the EOF
mkdx.vim ftplugin 8 314 Adds useful mappings for working with markdown files
SearchAsQuickJump utility 0 34 Quick search without affecting 'hlsearch', search pattern and history.
AutoSave utility 0 45 Automatically persist a buffer frequently.
files-complete utility 0 38 completefunc which looks to all files in the current directory
Archery color scheme -1 98 Vim colorscheme inspired by Arch Linux colors
man.vim utility 0 106 open man pages within vim using :e man:page or :e man:section:page
Colortemplate ftplugin 4 151 The Toolkit for Colorscheme Designers!
WORDComplete utility 0 38 Insert mode completion that completes an entire sequence of non-blank characters
highlight-groups.vim utility 4 49 Add words in highlight groups on the fly.
verilog-instance.vim utility 4 53 Create SystemVerilog port instantiation from port declaration.
makery.vim utility 1 163 A plugin for managing makeprgs.
qcvim syntax 1 49 Highlighter for quantum chemistry input files
vim.emacs utility 0 33 vim.emacs is a vim plugin to evaluate elisp expressions in Emacs.
purge_undodir.vim utility -1 36 Purging useless undofile on exit
MarkdownCopy utility 0 62 Copy Markdown to clipboard as HTML
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