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Script Type Rating Down
vim-headfirst utility 0 65 Edit sibling files like a boss
typecast utility 2 55 add type cast surrouding.
vim-determined utility 0 106 A wrapper to make term_start more friendly
vim-whelp utility 0 75 A historical record of your help queries
vim-rumrunner utility 0 110 A better MRU list.
devops.vim utility 1 81 DevOps ide for VIM
squeeze_repeat_blanks.vim utility 8 50 Squeeze repeated blank lines into one
replace_operator.vim utility 9 57 Replace text from register with a motion
colon_operator.vim utility 8 57 Use colon commands with motions
cursorline_current.vim utility 8 49 Show cursorline only in active window
EXtend utility 4 49 When the Ex commands evolve into operators
rle.vim syntax 0 47 Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) rule syntax file
vim-eyaml-gpg ftplugin 4 35 Plugin to fold gpg encrypted blocks managed by eyaml.
vim-the-little-commenter utility 3 43 This is a little vim plugin to comment single lines using <C-/>
vim-branch-stack utility 0 73 plugin helping to find the branching path to current line of code
vim-searchme utility 10 126 A Neovim/Vim plugin to open your browser and search for text selected in
vim-pivotal-tracker-jump utility 0 65 Jump to the Pivotal Tracker story under the cursor
Smart Mark utility 4 48 Display current marks in the buffer
vim-term utility 1 59 Run programs in a terminal via :terminal command.
gsql-vim syntax 0 38 Syntax highlighting for gsql
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