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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2015-03-03]  lh-vim-lib : a library plugin for script writers
(3.2.5) (*) new functions lh#path#munge(), and lh#list#push_if_new() (*) new RAII-tool: lh#on#exit() that will register cleanup action to be executed at the end on a scope, and more precisally in a :finally section. - Luc Hermitte
[2015-03-02]  Vinfo : Read Info documentation files
(0.1) Initial upload - Daniel Campoverde
[2015-03-02]  codeforces.vim : Vim plugin for CodeForces
(0.2) Initial upload - Igor Kolobov
[2015-03-02]  vim-auto-save : Automatically save changes to disk
(0.1.7) Fixed interaction with Syntastic - Alexey Chernenkov
[2015-03-02]  Mark : a little script to highlight several words in different colors simultaneously
(1.1.10-g) This is a small bug fix for 1.1.9-g, reload highlights after :split etc. - Yuheng Xie
[2015-03-01]  Sift : a stark Color Scheme for maximum reading speed/identifiability
(2.0) Updated Color Terminal colors to closely match that found in GVim :) Also added highlighting for GitGutter, Matchmaker, VimDiff. - Shawn Axsom
[2015-03-01]  Vim SQL Workbench : Provides sql access from vim to any DBMS
(1.1.3) * Solved github issue 5 (https://github.com/cosminadrianpopescu/vim-sql-workbench/issues/5) - Cosmin Popescu
[2015-03-01]  bayQua : An offwhite version of the baycomb colorscheme, influenced by TaQua
(2.0) Updated a few color terminal colors to better match the GVim GUI colors - Shawn Axsom
[2015-03-01]  baycomb : An intuitive Color Scheme (w/ dark & light colors)
(3.0) Updated Color Terminal colors to more closely match the GUI colors in GVim - Shawn Axsom
[2015-03-01]  vim-stardict : Looking up meaning of words inside Vim using SDCV dictionary
(0.3.2) * Fixed :split and :vsplit opening delay * Fixed multiple :split open at a time * Reuse last 'stardict' buffer if there is one * Hide 'vim-stardict' buffer from buffer list * Removed buffer cache of old word meaning history - Phong Cao
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