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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2017-01-22]  VOoM : Vim two-pane outliner
(5.2) * Python 3 is now supported. New option g:voom_python_versions. * New markup modes: latexDtx, fmr3, paragraphBlank, paragraphIndent, paragraphNoIndent. * VOoM Python modules are now in directory ../autoload/voom/voom_vimplugin2657/ and are imported as a package. Custom markup modes must be placed there. Because directory structure has changed, previous VOoM version should be removed before installing this one. * VoomSort: Option "u" was removed. Option "bytes" was added. Headlines are now always sorted as Python Unicode strings unless option "bytes" is given. * Other small changes. - Vlad Irnov
[2017-01-22]  gtm-plugin.vim : Simple, seamless, lightweight time tracking for all your git projects
(v1.0.7) Update gtm version constraint to gtm 1.2.5 and readme updates - Michael Schenk
[2017-01-22]  Ferret : Enhanced multi-file search for Vim
(1.4) - Drop broken support for `grep`, printing a prompt to install `rg`, `ag`, or   `ack`/`ack-grep` instead. - If an `ack` executable is not found, search for `ack-grep`, which is the   name used on Debian-derived distros. - Greg Hurrell
[2017-01-22]  vtags : verdi like, verilog code signal trace and show topo script  
(1.23) fix a bug in Code.py line 465, need 'Source' but use source, if you open Debug mode may find this error. fix a bug in Base.py line 986, add i += 1 in while loop, if your code wrong and has endmodule without module define it will loop forever. - Jun Cao
[2017-01-21]  vim-workspace : The Vim Workspace Manager.
(1.6.2) - Last writer wins in workspaces: if multiple Vim sessions have the same files open at the same time, this ensures that there's no clobbering of data and files update seamlessly between the two instances. - FocusGained and FocusLost will now trigger file autosave (and/or sync) when in/out of editor focus. - Bug fix: fixed sporadic redraw issue coming from toggling a workspace off. - Bug fix: typo in a variable that meant autosave could persist outside the confines of a workspace session. - Thaer Khawaja
[2017-01-21]  istanbul.vim : Code coverage visualizer for istanbul coverage.json
(1.1) - Change to json-ponyfill.vim - Remove keymaps to prevent confliction with CTRL-I (Go to newer cursor position) - Retorillo
[2017-01-21]  json-ponyfill.vim : Provide json_decode and json_encode to the former version of VIM.
(1.0) - Change name to json-ponyfill.vim - Implement json_ponyfill#json_encode - Retorillo
[2017-01-20]  git log : A Git Tree, Log and History Viewer and Diff Tool
(6.0.0) vimgitlog now works on windows.      BUG: Windows needs to pass unix paths to git BUG: Fix pathing for file diff BUG: Part of fix case-sensitive directory ordering. BUG: Fix setup for multi-byte encoding. BUG: Fix path handling for windows. - Peter Antoine
[2017-01-17]  vim-www : Toolbox to open & search URLs from vim
(1.1.0) - Adds cygwin support - Fixes URL escaping issues - Revisits and centralizes shell escape and dispatching for all handlers - Adds gitlab to the defaults - Marc Busqué Pérez
[2017-01-17]  z.vim : Help jumping to the most used directories in vim.
(0.1) Initial upload - Kexian Zhong
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