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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2014-04-15]  PHP-correct-Indenting : A new indent script for php with many improvements never seen before
(1.49) - Added support for 'finally', 'use', 'trait' and 'final' keywords - Implemented support for multi-line block declarations (issue #4). - Added support (with some restrictions) for multi-line string declarations (issue #22). - Fix issue with lines following a {} block defined on a single line if this {} block was just beneath a '{' - Fix issue #32 ('case:/default:' indentation issues in complex 'switch' blocks) - Fix issue #17 where closures' content would get extra indenting. - Fix handing of ^}\s*else\n{ blocks which were not detected as new blocks and resulted in wrong indentation. - Fix issue #23 where the script could hang in some specific cases involving closing braces at column 0; - Fix issue #6 where nested switches would not indent correctly. - No longer add 'w' to formatoptions VIm' setting as no other file-type plug-in uses it by default. This prevents leaving trailing white spaces when text wrapping. - John Wellesz
[2014-04-15]  vmark.vim: Visual Bookmarking : Toggle visual bookmarking and jump through bookmarks
(1.3) Merged key mappings and other changes from serpent7776.  The plugin can also be accessed from https://github.com/michaelzhou999/vmark - Michael Zhou
[2014-04-15]  node : Tools to make Vim superb for developing with Node.js. Like Rails.vim for Node.
(0.8.1) - Updates the URL from which Node.vim downloads Node core module source files.     Uses <http://rawgit.com>; which used to be named <http://rawgithub.com>.  ;   Because of Vim Netrw's inability to handle HTTPS, it does so over HTTP. Sorry. - Andri Möll
[2014-04-15]  Changing color script : Syntax highlight colors change gradually based on minutes of hour
(17.4) Reduces flicker - Paul Contreras
[2014-04-15]  vim-simple-todo : Useful mappings for manage simple TODO lists
(0.6) Support markdown list markers. - Vital Kudzelka
[2014-04-15]  vim-polyglot : A collection of language packs for Vim.
(v1.8.0) New languages, upgrades, fixes. - Adam Stankiewicz
[2014-04-14]  FormatToWidth : Apply the gq command to the selected / count width.
(1.00) Initial upload - Ingo Karkat
[2014-04-14]  ingo-library : Vimscript library of common functions.
(1.018) - FIX: Off-by-one: Allow column 1 in ingo#text#Insert(). Add special cases for insertion at front and end of line (in the hope that this is more efficient). - Add ingo#escape#file#wildcardescape(). - I18N: Correctly capture last multi-byte character in ingo#text#Get(); don't just add one to the end column, but instead match at the column itself, too. - Add optional a:isExclusive flag to ingo#text#Get(), as clients may end up with that position, and doing a correct I18N-safe decrease before getting the text is a hen-and-egg problem. - Add ingo/buffer/temprange.vim module. - Add ingo#cursor#IsAtEndOfLine(). - FIX: Off-by-one in emulated ingo#compat#strdisplaywidth() reported one too few. - Ingo Karkat
[2014-04-14]  vim-gitgutter : Shows a git diff summary in the sign column and stages/reverts individual hunks.
(a4347c5) Many speed improvements and bug fixes. - Andrew Stewart
[2014-04-14]  autoswap.vim : Switch to open editor window instead of asking what to do with swapfile
(0.2) Removed debug logging - Gioele Barabucci
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