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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2016-02-09]  Vim REST Console (VRC) : A REST console for Vim
(2.2.0) Add support for PATCH, OPTIONS, and TRACE. -
[2016-02-08]  sky : Color scheme.
(1.0) Initial upload - Jamie Hoover
[2016-02-07]  poser.vim : A syntax file for Poser 3-D library and scene files and WaveFront OBJects
(2) I suppose after 14 years this needs a slight update, huh? - Sean Cannon
[2016-02-06]  vim-swap : Reorder delimited items.
(1.0.1) Bug fixes and performance tuning. - Masaaki Nakamura
[2016-02-06]  Perfect Dark : Dark & cold color scheme inspired by gedit
(1.2) Support cCustomClass of vim-cpp-enhanced-highlight - Vic Luo
[2016-02-06]  alduin : Vim Colorscheme for Terminals and GUI
(1.8.3) Additional improvements made to Gui colors and Terminal colors - Alessandro Yorba
[2016-02-05]  markdown-preview.vim : preview markdown through browser with no external dependencies
(0.2.1) fix the bug on *unix system https://github.com/iamcco/markdown-preview.vim/issues - yuuko aioi
[2016-02-05]  yowish : A yellowish dark colorscheme
(0.7.0) 0.7.0 - Add possibility to enable/disable custom colors for plugins - Add custom colors for the plugin Unite 0.6.4 - Add more diff colors - Set better colors to quickfix & location list windows 0.6.3 - A better diff colors - Add custom colors for the plugin agit - Internal: Add links for used plugins - Kabbaj Amine
[2016-02-05]  localvimrc : load subdirectory specific vimrc files
(2.4.0) - add setting g:localvimrc_event which defines the autocommand events that trigger local vimrc file loading. - make it possible to supply a list of local vimrc filenames in g:localvimrc_name - ask user when sourcing local vimrc fails and g:localvimrc_sandbox and g:localvimrc_ask is set whether the file should be sourced without sandbox. - don't lose persistence file on full partitions. - fix a bug where local vimrc files are sourced in wrong order when some of them are symlinks to a different directory. - Markus Braun
[2016-02-04]  Quickalign : Marker-based alginment of small chunks of text.
(0.1) Initial upload - Franz Schanovsky
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