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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2015-10-10]  vim-orgmode : Text outlining and task management for Vim based on Emacs' Org-Mode
(0.5.0) See https://github.com/jceb/vim-orgmode/blob/master/CHANGELOG.org - Jan Christoph Ebersbach
[2015-10-09]  remind : remind syntax
(0.6) Added the THROUGH keyword (courtesy of Ben Orchard) - Davide Alberani
[2015-10-09]  auctex.vim : macros for latex
(2.2.17) Fixed a bug in the reference insertion feature. - Carl Mueller
[2015-10-09]  vim-sandwich : The set of operator and textobject plugins to edit sandwiched textobjects.
(1.2.1) Bug fixes. - Masaaki Nakamura
[2015-10-09]  columnmove : Bring cursor vertically in similar ways as line-wise commands.
(1.1.2) * Bug fixes. * Add utility function to define keymappings. (columnmove#utility#map()) - Masaaki Nakamura
[2015-10-09]  patternjump : Move cursor as you like.
(2.1.1) Bug fixes. - Masaaki Nakamura
[2015-10-08]  vimagit : vimagit is an attempt to reproduce the magnificent emacs Magit plugin to vim.
(1.2) Fixes: - read COMMIT_EDITMSG only if exists (commit command failed for fresh new git directory) - fix issue of some rare hunk staging (because of some whitespaces) Features: - stage/unstage/ignore on file header now works - add info section (fix #6) - Jerome Reybert
[2015-10-08]  vim-javacomplete2 : Updated javacomplete plugin for vim.
(v2.3.3) Jsp support fixed. - Artur Shaikhullin
[2015-10-08]  vim-simple-todo : Useful mappings for manage simple TODO lists
(0.14) Repeatable plugs (https://github.com/vitalk/vim-simple-todo/releases/tag/0.14). - Vital Kudzelka
[2015-10-07]  vim-webdevicons : adds font icons (glyphs ★♨☢) to vim
(v0.6.1) https://github.com/ryanoasis/vim-devicons/releases/tag/v0.6.1 - Ryan McIntyre
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