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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2014-07-28]  elm.vim : Plugin for the Elm programming language
(0.4.1) Initial upload - Alexander Noriega
[2014-07-27]  fixkey : Use non-ASCII keys in console Vim
(0.3.5) Add support for \"TERM=screen-it\" and similar (thanks to Kevin MacMartin) (updated for minor typo in documentation). - Michael Henry
[2014-07-27]  svnj.vim : vim svn plugin (subversion svn ) and browser
(0.9) NEW,   SVNAdd (svn add), SVNCommit (svn ci) , Checkout (svn co), Copy (svn copy) and   stop-on-copy for svn log, SVNBrowseBuffer + SVNAdd   As a command SVNAdd or operation from SVNStatus, SVNBrowse. Provides option to add and commit   or just add the elements to repository. + SVNCommit    Can execute :SVNCommit , will commit file in buffer or files/dirs passed as    arguments    + Added commit as operation for SVN Status and SVNBrowse      select the required files from SVNStatus | SVNBrowseWorkingCopy | SVNBrowseBuffer      output and press Ctrl-z, this will bring up the commit log + SVNBrowseBuffer + SVN Log    1. Now shows the --stop-on-copy revision on the status bar as "S@"revision_num         This will be the revision number when the working copy was created.         Those who prefer not want to see this info can opt to not         send this command by setting g:svnj_send_soc_command to 0    2. Added Ctrl-h : Brings up svn diff passing :HEAD to selected revision    3. Added Ctrl-p : Brings up svn diff passing :PREV to selected revision    Now simplifies the operation of finding all changes to current directory    At vim execute :SVNLog .    The title now shows the s@ revision    Go to the said revision and press Ctrl-h + SVN Status has following new ops    + Select All    + Commit selected    + Add selected files to repo + SVNBrowse commands has following new ops    + Add (svn add)    + Commit  (svn ci)    + Copy (svn cp)    + Checkout (svn co) + Added operation to checkout to browse operation (should be a respository browse)    Hint : Use bookmarks, mylist feature to store the repository root and then    check out from there + SVNInfo now takes arguments + Added options g:svnj_send_soc_command, g:svnj_custom_commit_files_hl,   g:svnj_custom_commit_header_hl        + Now providing browser to select file when doing a file diff in SVNLog   across branches/trunk when svnj fails to create a proper svn url.   Now not using svn list -r command to hunt down the file. - juneed ahamed
[2014-07-26]  repeatable-motions.vim : Make most motions repeatable
(1.1.1) Features: - Added 'g:repeatable_motions_default_mappings' to disable all default   mappings. Bugfixes: - Renamed GetPreviouslyPreformedMotion() to |GetPreviouslyPerformedMotion()|. - Mohammed Chelouti
[2014-07-26]  a_pair : combine {}, [], () into one text object :
(7.0) Initial upload - colin cai
[2014-07-26]  vim-fanfou : Fanfou client for VIM
(v0.2) * Fix HTML String convert issue * Support Favorites&Mentions timeline *  Add more Shortcut keys *  Update Syntax for Vim Fanfou buffer *  Update README & Documentation; New Project Page: http://xiongjia.github.io/vim-fanfou/ *  Add python unit tests - XiongJia Le
[2014-07-25]  vartabs.vim : Make your TAB-Key stop at arbitrary positions
(2.0) Now allows Lists as argument in VarTab_SetStops (eg.: :call VarTab_SetStops[10,16,72]) Old String-argument furthermore supported for backwards-compatibility. Internal logic completely switched to Lists. - Michael Fitz
[2014-07-25]  vim-bookmarks : bookmark and annotate lines of code
(1.2.0) * [feature] Automatically close bookmarks' quickfix split. #45 * [enhancement] Shortcut `ma` should be a toggle #51 * [enhancement] Consistently named Commands #49 * [enhancement] Silent loading and saving of bookmarks (for extensions) #46 * [enhancement] Better positioning of "show all bookmarks" window #41 * [bugfix] Single quotation mark in annotation causes loss of saved bookmarks #53 * [bugfix] Unprinted signs at file loading #40 - Mattes Groeger
[2014-07-25]  SpellLangIdentifier : Automatically identify buffer's language and set the spell lang
(0.3.0) Fine-grained on-the-fly spell language identification and bug fixes. - Douglas Augusto
[2014-07-24]  Clighter : VIM syntax highlighting plugin based on Clang
(2.00) 1. improve architecture for parsing 2. optimize code 3. better multiple buffers support - BB Chung
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