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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2015-05-29]  Pretty Printing C like syntax : Format files with C-like syntax
(1.0) Initial upload - Paul Schaefer
[2015-05-29]  Vebugger : frontend for interactive shell debuggers
(1.2.3) Fix issue #17 - prevent Vebugger from interfering with the CtrlP window. - Idan Arye
[2015-05-29]  vim-htmldjango_omnicomplete : htmldjango filetype omnicomplete - completes template tags/filters/variables
(0.9.4) Django 1.8 compatibility - Michael Brown
[2015-05-29]  vim-gitignore : Another gitignore plugin for Vim
(1.1.0) fix indent error when expand snippets - Huanming Peng
[2015-05-29]  filestyle : Check and make (experimental) the opened buffer to correspond Vim settings
(1.0.0) * Implemented ignored patterns * Removed highlighting of trailing spaces in current line when in Insert mode * Improved order of highlights - Alexander Serebryakov
[2015-05-28]  contextcomplete : Plugin which decides which type of insert completion to use based on context
(1.1.1) Patch:  Previous version had many errors, this patch fixes them.  Use this instead of 0.1.0 - Evergreen Tree
[2015-05-28]  codeforces.vim : Vim plugin for CodeForces
(0.2) fix of 'fix bug in CF' - Igor Kolobov
[2015-05-28]  Vim REST Console (VRC) : A REST console for Vim
(1.0.1) Add 'vrc_header_content_type' option to set the request header's Content-Type. It defaults to 'application/json'. -
[2015-05-26]  love-launch : Run LOVE
(0.3.0) Lots of changes - Davis Claiborne
[2015-05-26]  EightHeader : Easily create custom headlines, foldtext, toc, etc.
(1.0) clarified documentation - Laszlo Bimba
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