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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2014-04-24]  vim-clang : Yet another C/C++ code completion plugin based on Clang
(0.2.4) * fix ClangGenPCHFromFile * fix ClangCompleteInit - Jianjun Mao
[2014-04-24]  EightHeader : Easily format and decorate (fold)headers, toc, etc.
(1.0) Compressed to vimball archive. - Laszlo Bimba
[2014-04-23]  VimOutliner : Outline processor designed for lightning fast authoring
(0.3.7) This update of VimOutliner adds new plugins and scripts. Cleanup of code, bug fixes, and corrections of documentation. Faster checkboxes and more optimization. - Vim Outliner
[2014-04-23]  unite-spell-suggest : A spelling suggestion source for unite.vim
(1.0.2) Fix duplicate help tag (no functional changes). - Martin Kopischke
[2014-04-23]  K.vim : K.vim features VIM with key-value instant search from external dictionary
(0.2) K.vim now evolves to be a plugin to let you quickly run external command, and show the result in a scratch window. 1. press `<leader><leader>` to show explanation of word with call to an external command `kv`, https://github.com/brookhong/kv 1. press `<space><leader>` to close the scratch window 1. press `<leader>r` to run all scripts in a buffer 1. press `<enter>` to run curren line. - brook hong
[2014-04-23]  clang_pro.vim : use clang  to complete c/c++ ,and gtags make a proj to find define and callers
(1.1) some bug fix, make -I relative path can work and windows make gtags project err fixed.   - yong xie
[2014-04-23]  tex-fold : Easy TeX folding
(1.1) * Fixes incompatibility issue with NERDcommenter. - Matthias Vogelgesang
[2014-04-23]  vim-plug : Minimalist Vim Plugin Manager
(0.3.0) Bug fixes and improvements - Junegunn Choi
[2014-04-23]  vader.vim : A simple Vimscript test framework
(0.3.0) Bug fixes and improvements - Junegunn Choi
[2014-04-23]  goyo.vim : Distraction-free writing in Vim
(1.5.2) Bug fixes. - Junegunn Choi
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