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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2014-12-21]  Fist of Vim : Super simple and awesome gist support for vim
(1.5) Major changes: Fixed an issue creating a Gist with linewise motions. Fixed several issues with updating a Gist with both normal and visual modes. Modified all functions to be private Updated documentation - Akshay Hegde
[2014-12-20]  CtrlP-SmartTabs : Vim CtrlP plugin to switch between opened tabs
(0.6) Add configuration options: * Highlight selected file in tabline is optional (g:ctrlp_smarttabs_modify_tabline). * Control the order in which files are displayed (g:ctrlp_smarttabs_reverse) - David Escribano Garcia
[2014-12-20]  filestyle : Plugin that checks the opened buffer to correspond Vim settings
(0.6.1) Fixed compatibility with other plugins if Vundle is used - Alexander Serebryakov
[2014-12-19]  argwrap.vim : Wrap and unwrap function arguments, lists and dictionaries in Vim
(1.3) Small fixes to script, documentation - Alex Yatskov
[2014-12-18]  vim-nose : Plugin wrapping nosetests command to be executed inside Vim
(1.0) Initial upload - Pascal Lalancette
[2014-12-18]  OAL Syntax : Syntax and indenting for the BridgePoint OAL
(2.0) Added support for archetype files. - Lee Riemenschneider
[2014-12-18]  Spacegray.vim : An elegant dark colorscheme for Vim
(1.1) - Added iTerm2 colors (Spacegray palette) - Added Terminator config (Spacegray palette) - Modified colorcolumn to be a grayish color. - Improved colors for rails. - Akshay Hegde
[2014-12-17]  rcshell.vim : syntax highlight file for the rc shell scripting language
(0.1.1) Rename rc.vim to rcshell.vim. Fix a bug that rcshell.vim detect will be overridden by M$ resource type. - Jakukyo Friel
[2014-12-17]  nextCS : Change your color scheme easily
(0.0.4) add <Plug> support - chili cuil
[2014-12-17]  foldsearch : fold away lines that don't match a given pattern
(1.1.1) - bugfix: add missing 'call' to ex command - Markus Braun
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