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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2016-12-08]  vtags : verdi like, verilog code signal trace and show topo script  
(1.21) add some optimize for trace speed and accuracy, some case pre version can not deside if source or dest current can sure is' source or dest. - Jun Cao
[2016-12-08]  awk.vim : Indenting for AWK script
(1.73) bug fix - Clavelito Cla
[2016-12-08]  sh.vim : Indenting for Shell script
(4.24) bug fix - Clavelito Cla
[2016-12-07]  ExtractMatches : Yank matches from range into a register.
(1.32) - In PatternsOnText.vim version 2.0, PatternsOnText#Selected#ReplaceSpecial() has been moved to PatternsOnText#DefaultReplacer(). - Ingo Karkat
[2016-12-07]  ExpandBackspace : Make backspace eat white space to the last tabstop
(0.6-1) Fix buffer reseting - Yury Shvedov
[2016-12-07]  greens : A green/red/yellow colorscheme
(2016.12.07) Make compatible with VIM 6.4 - Yuheng Xie
[2016-12-05]  far.vim : Find And Replace Vim plugin
(beta 2) Initial upload - Oleg Khalidov
[2016-12-04]  MUcomplete : Chained (fallback) completion that works the way you want!
(0.4.3) Improved documentation. - Lifepillar
[2016-12-02]  vim-loggly-search : A vim plug-in to easily search in loggly
(7.4) Initial upload - Christian Rondeau
[2016-12-02]  vim-base64 : Vim plugin to encode/decode base64 strings
(7.4) Initial upload - Christian Rondeau
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