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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2015-08-27]  vim-www : Define your favourite websites and search engines and open them from vim
(0.0.4) * Prepend "http://"; to url's without "://" Bug fixes * Fix opening search engine url's that are not a www tag - Marc Busqué Pérez
[2015-08-27]  vullScreen : Full-screen mode for Vim on GNU/Linux
(0.5) - Refactoring - Add a CHANGELOG file - Kabbaj Amine
[2015-08-27]  vim-simple-todo : Useful mappings for manage simple TODO lists
(0.12) Create a new todo for current line (https://github.com/vitalk/vim-simple-todo/releases/tag/0.12). - Vital Kudzelka
[2015-08-26]  Vdebug : Multi-language DBGP debugger client (PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, etc.)
(1.5.0) === Vdebug 1.5.0 / 2015-08-28 Bug fixes: * Fix for remote and local file paths with a windows/unix setup (thanks @brothert, #130) * Sort path maps by remote path length (thanks @ragol and @adambiggs, #153, #201) * Default \"stop\" behaviour (default <F6>) actually stops rather than detaches (issue #166) * Various documentation fixes (issue #172, issue #223, thanks @loonies for #210) * Add documentation to show that komodo-debug doesn't work with nodejs > 0.10 (#202, #223) * Don't override previously defined breakpoint highlights (#208) Features: * Add support for Python 2.4 (thanks @mbarbon, #189) * Add Vagrantfile and bootstrap for easier local development * Add new VdebugTrace command for tracking individual variables and expressions (thanks @escher9, #178) * Show ellipses for truncated arrays in watch window (#177) * Bind to all available interfaces by default, instead of just localhost (#209, thanks @zolem) Misc: * Changed HISTORY to CHANGELOG - Jon Cairns
[2015-08-26]  Vizardry : A vim plugin manager for lazy people
(1.3) ADD: After a call to Scry, Vizardry now prompt you to Invoke a plugin CHG: Dialog method updated, see release notes for side effects ADD: it is now possible to view a plugin's README after upgrading it with     :Evolve. Todo do so, add the following to your vimrc:         let g:VizardryViewReadmeOnEvolve=1     `:Evolve` will then prompt you to show readme after each plugin upgrade Fix error when Invoking result 0 from Scry - David Beniamine
[2015-08-26]  FastFold : Speed up Vim by updating folds only when just
(3.3) fix line mix-up that forced manual folds after switching tab pages - Enno Nagel
[2015-08-25]  vim-qlist : Persist the results of :ilist and related commands via the quickfix list.
(0.0.2) * fixed visual selection handling * updated the documentation - Romain Lafourcade
[2015-08-25]  SrchRplcHiGrp.vim : Search and/or replace based on a syntax highlight group
(7.0) Changed SRSeach.   It will first look for the next item that has the syntax group chosen via SRChooseHiGrp.   It will also take an optional regular expression and not only find that syntax group, but also match the regular expression. Added SRSearch!, which will find the next item that is NOT what was chosen via SRChooseHiGrp.   Same applied with the regular expression, so if I put my cursor on a comment and     :SRChooseHiGrp. Then ran     :SRSearch! something It will find the word "something" that is NOT in a comment. - David Fishburn
[2015-08-25]  argwrap.vim : Wrap and unwrap function arguments, lists and dictionaries in Vim
(1.8) misc fixes - Alex Yatskov
[2015-08-24]  coco : Coco is a simple, lightweight vim code commenter.
(1.0) Initial upload - Cyker Way
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