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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2014-07-12]  EasyClip : Simplified clipboard functionality for Vim
(2.2) Miscellaneous bug fixes - Steve Vermeulen
[2014-07-12]  lua.vim : Lua file type plug-in for the Vim text editor
(0.7.23) Make omni completion compatible with strict.lua (issue #27 on GitHub):    http://github.com/xolox/vim-lua-ftplugin/commit/e7d3ce7 - Peter Odding
[2014-07-12]  Buddy Challenge : Teases you on things you are unsure of
(1.5) same as MAC but using Windows version of vim Alt-i mapping - Paul Contreras
[2014-07-11]  PHPSyntaxCheck : PHP语法检查
(1.0) Initial upload - quan hengzhuang
[2014-07-11]  Clighter : VIM syntax highlighting plugin based on Clang
(1.02) *fix bug of locating libclang *g:clighter_libclang_path renames to g:clighter_libclang_file - BB Chung
[2014-07-10]  tmru : Most Recently Used Files
(1.03) - Set the initial index in the list view to the first non-sticky file - FIX #37: Clarfiy doc of g:tmru#display_relative_filename - Exclude files on truecrypt volumes (linux) - Always enable save on exit - FIX #40: Insert files at the right position; sort list only on exit MD5 checksum: 89f6d47aa31a9df4022bc3e78f887fec - Tom Link
[2014-07-10]  StripWhiteSpaces : Strip White Space on save file
(1.2) disable  by demand. new trailing line remover at the end of the file - German Frigerio
[2014-07-10]  AdvancedSorters : Sorting of certain areas or by special needs.
(1.01) - Make :SortRangesByRange work for Vim versions before 7.4.218 that don't have uniq(). *** You need to update to ingo-library (vimscript #4433) version 1.021! *** - Ingo Karkat
[2014-07-10]  ingo-library : Vimscript library of common functions.
(1.021) - Add ingo#compat#uniq(). - Add ingo#option#Contains() and ingo#option#ContainsOneOf(). - BUG: Wrong position type causes ingo#selection#position#get() to be one-off with :set selection=exclusive and when the cursor is after the selection. - Use built-in changenr() in ingo#undo#GetChangeNumber(); actually, the entire function could be replaced by the built-in, if it would not just return one less than the number of the undone change after undo. We want the result to represent the current change, regardless of what undo / redo was done earlier. Change the implementation to test for whether the current change is the last in the buffer, and if not, make a no-op change to get to an explicit change state. - Simplify ingo#buffer#temprange#Execute() by using changenr(). Keep using ingo#undo#GetChangeNumber() because we need to create a new no-op change when there was a previous :undo. - Add ingo/smartcase.vim module. - FIX: ingo#cmdargs#substitute#Parse() branch for special case of {flags} without /pat/string/ must only be entered when a:arguments is not empty. - ENH: Allow to pass path separator to ingo#regexp#fromwildcard#Convert() and ingo#regexp#fromwildcard#IsWildcardPathPattern(). - Add ingo/collections/permute.vim module. - Add ingo#window#preview#OpenFilespec(), a wrapper around :pedit that performs the fnameescape() and obeys the custom g:previewwindowsplitmode. - Ingo Karkat
[2014-07-10]  breeze.vim : Html navigation like vim-easymotion
(2.0) - Version 2.0 - geck
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