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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2014-10-20]  easytags.vim : Automated tag file generation and syntax highlighting of tags in Vim
(3.8) Change file type canonicalization to treat C as C++:    http://github.com/xolox/vim-easytags/commit/9b6e7d1 - Peter Odding
[2014-10-20]  notes.vim : Easy note taking in Vim
(0.28) Trigger BufWritePre/BufWritePost autocmd events in xolox#notes#save():    http://github.com/xolox/vim-notes/commit/1dcfacd - Peter Odding
[2014-10-20]  vi-clone.vim : Elvis-like syntax highlighting.
(0.3.1) Initial upload - Ryan P.C. McQuen
[2014-10-20]  vim-geeknote : Geeknote/Evernote VIM Integration
(0.4) Updates - Neil Gabriel
[2014-10-19]  VimOutliner : Outline processor designed for lightning fast authoring
(0.4.0) Added a list-based tags feature similar to org-mode Complete rewrite of the outline math plugin. Added colorscheme option to vimoutlinerrc and directory Modified to install.sh to: 1. Turn off backup functionality. 2. Remove old backup clutter. 3. Remove old vo_base.vim files from syntax, ftdetect and ftpluginAdd VimOutliner icons to the repository. Updated TODO.otl Moved README.detailed to doc/votl.txt to make Pathogen working. Added information on pathogen installation to INSTALL file. Added syntax conceal for math equations. Concealed equations appear as Add VimOutliner icons to the repository   Add votl_maketags manpage Bug fixes, corrections and updates - Vim Outliner
[2014-10-19]  Bexec : Execute script in buffer and display output in buffer.
(0.8) Honor splitbelow and splitright vim setting. - Ferry Boender
[2014-10-19]  Gist.vim : vimscript for gist
(7.2) This is an upgrade for Gist.vim: fixed many bugs. - Yasuhiro Matsumoto
[2014-10-19]  WebAPI.vim : vimscript for gist
(0.3) Bug fixes. - Yasuhiro Matsumoto
[2014-10-19]  vim-rubygems : The plugin provides ability to work with rubygems.org inside Vim
(0.0.2) - Add active gems search - Add checking for outdated gems in Gemfile - Alexander Belyaev
[2014-10-18]  removed :
( ) removed - glts
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