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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2015-05-23]  Hardy : Arduino IDE intregation for vim
(1.0.0) Initial upload -
[2015-05-23]  Scrawl : Utility plugin which provides a customizable scratch buffer
(1.0.0) Initial upload -
[2015-05-23]  vim-sandwich : The set of operator and textobject plugins to edit sandwiched textobjects.
(1.0.0) Initial upload - Masaaki Nakamura
[2015-05-22]  VIM PHP Refactoring Toolbox : Easily refactor your PHP Code
(1.0.2) - Fix add property in weird cases - Add more configurations (auto validate, default visibility) - Pierrick Charron
[2015-05-22]  PaperColor.vim : Light Vim color scheme inspired by Google's Material Design
(0.1.0) Initial Upload - Nguyen Nguyen
[2015-05-21]  vim-misc : Miscellaneous auto-load Vim scripts
(1.17.6) Try to fix issue #17 (async command execution on Windows without DLL):    http://github.com/xolox/vim-misc/commit/3e6b8fb - Peter Odding
[2015-05-20]  vim-compile : Yet another compile plugin for vim
(0.2.2) + Use makeprg for compilation (Dispatch and :make) + Use funcref for Custom Starter function instead of the ugly if + Other code cleaning Warning: Since v0.2.2 you need to use function() to set a custom starter function ! - David Beniamine
[2015-05-19]  vim-mail : A plugin to ease mail redaction from vim
(0.2.3) Small corrections / swith to omni completion for better plugin integration - David Beniamine
[2015-05-19]  git-flow-format : Formats Git Flow prefixed branch names to take less space in your status line.
(0.4) Updated the default prefixes in order to allow greater flexibility customization. - Ian Renyard
[2015-05-18]  Arduino syntax file : Syntax file for Arduino .PDE files
(9) Update to version 1.6.4 (thanks for the patch, Niall Parker) - Johannes Hoff
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