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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2016-09-26]  Nvim-R : Plugin to work with R
(0.9.7) * Require Vim >= 8.0.0 or Neovim >= 0.1.5. * Replaced R_nvimcom_wait (time in miliseconds) with R_wait (time in seconds). * Minor bug fixes. - Jakson Aquino
[2016-09-25]  Vim SQL Workbench : Provides sql access from vim to any DBMS
(6.0) This version will break the compatibility with VIM 7. So, before installing this new version, please upgrade to VIM 8. Changes: * vim8 required * python not needed anymore * every operation is now aynchronous * added the possibility to add a custom panel to an existing tab in the dbexplorer * fixed the search which was not working * eliminated the possibility to select columns to display in search (now you can use anyway :SWSqlShoOnlyColumns command) * logging the interaction with SQL Workbench/J * added a timer for commands being executed using vim8 timers * now each buffer has its own connection to the DBMS (this means that each buffer has it's own transaction, also) * added the possibility to disconnect a buffer from SQL Workbench/J * integraton with CtrlP * integration with Airline * added the possibility to display the current connection in the status line * added the possibility to check all connected buffers to the DBMS (see SWSqlShowActiveConnections command) * removed the support for the sessions (it was not that usefull anyway) * improved the filtering * now each buffer has it's own resultset * added the possibility to clear the resultsets for one buffer or for all at once (see SWSqlWipeoutResultsSets command) * added the possibility to open the resultset window without executing any command * added SWSqlGetSqlCount (which will return the number of rows of the current sql) * removed commands: SWDbExplorerRestore, SWSqlConnectToServer, SWSqlBufferRestore * new commands: SWSqlBufferConnect, SWSqlBufferDisconnect, SWSqlGetSqlCount, SWSqlGetObjRows, SWSqlShowActiveConnections, SWSqlShoLog, SWSqlShowLastResultset * new options: sw_log_to_file, sw_command_timer * removed options: sw_search_default_result_columns * added a default shortcut to execute a macro * added a default shortcut to get the number of rows for the current sql - Cosmin Popescu
[2016-09-24]  Buffy.vim : Switch between buffers with a handy menu
(0.1) Initial upload - Mykhaylo Gavrylyuk
[2016-09-24]  vim-seattle : An elegant yet efficient color scheme for coders
(1.1) No longer requires vim8.0 - Ming Bai
[2016-09-24]  KRL-Syntax : Syntax and indent file for Kuka industial robots
(1.3.4) * Fixed bug about false indention of spline blocks - Patrick Knosowski
[2016-09-23]  Tabstuff : Tabstuff is a plugin to sulplies various tabrelated stuff
(1.1) * Fixed the "Tab Move Forward" button and the "Tab->Move Tab Forward" menu item. * Fixed the script so it will only load once. - Francis Grizzly Smit
[2016-09-21]  asyncrun : Run Async Shell Commands in Vim 8.0 and Output to Quickfix in Realtime
(1.0.0) can fall back to sync mode for older vim versions now to keep compatibility - Wei Lin
[2016-09-19]  SwapText : Mappings to exchange text with the previously deleted text.
(1.02) - "E790: undojoin is not allowed after undo" may also be raised in SwapText#Operator(); ignore it. - BUG: When deleting at the end of a line, and swapping with a longer text before it, the swap location is off by one. The EOL position isn't properly detected, because the virtual line length after the paste is used in the condition. Save the deleted virtual line length in deletedVirtLen, and pass that on to s:WasDeletionAtEndOfLine(). Thanks to Marcelo Montú for the bug report. - Ingo Karkat
[2016-09-19]  vimmake : Customize shell tools for vim (supports async jobs)
(0.0.3) fixed quickfix window toggling issue and add macros - Wei Lin
[2016-09-18]  unicon : uniform contrast light and dark colorscheme
(1.0) Initial upload - Andrey Bartashevitch
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