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user name xuhdev
first name Hong
last name Xu
email hongtopbugnet
homepage http://www.topbug.net
registered Vim
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Script Contributions

AddCppClass this plugin is to help you add a c++ class conveniently
deprecated deprecated
SingleCompile Make it more convenient to compile or run a single source file.
ProjectTag This plugin is aimed at generating tags for a whole project.
TrimBlank help trim trailing blank characters and blank lines
IniParser This plugin provides functions to read and write ini files for vimscript.
compiler/g95.vim compiler plugin for G95 Fortran compiler
compiler/gfortran.vim compiler plugin for GNU Fortran compiler
compiler/ifort.vim compiler plugin for Intel Fortran compiler
compiler/pcc.vim compiler plugin for Portable C Compiler (pcc)
nautilus-py-vim Edit with Vim in Nautilus
syntax/dosini.vim Syntax file for dosini (*.ini)
indent/java.vim Vim indent file for java source files
vim-latex-live-preview This plugin provides a live preview of the output PDF of your LaTeX file.
tex-breqn.vim LaTeX breqn package syntax highlighting support
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