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Script Type Rating Down
TeTrIs.vim game 1204 27018 A tetris game in pure vim
matrix.vim game 985 22793 Matrix screensaver for VIM
sokoban.vim game 682 9774 Sokoban Game for Vim!
progressbar widget game 619 1119 pimp your plugins
HJKL game 289 8797 Use H,J,K,L to explore maze
bad apple game 180 4197 bad apple - vim ver
vim game of life game 102 2871 Game of Life in VIM.
don't click game 80 844 this is result stupid bug in upload script
Mines game 70 8181 Play Mines with vim
Nibble game 67 4419 Nibble or Snake game for Vim.
mosalisp.vim game 60 2922 lisp interpreter
Mastermind board game game 54 824 The board game
rogue.vim game 49 1175 Porting of Rogue-clone II for Vim
sudoku_game game 46 1429 SudoKu, very popular game.The objective is to fill a 99 grid with 1-9.
Snake game 42 1567 Snake game in vim
daemon_saver.vim game 42 1189 Vim version of FreeBSD daemon_saver
Typer game 37 756 This is VIM typing file plugin to simulate work
Yow game 35 1403 Random Zippy The Pinhead quotes.  A port of Emacs' M-x yow.
Tower of Hanoi game 32 4109 Tower of Hanoi game for Vim
rubikscube.vim game 31 1852 a rubik's cube game in vim script
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