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Searched scripts for "cscope" Showing 1 to 20 of 38 results
Script Type Rating Down
Source Explorer (SrcExpl) utility 1411 29229 A Source code Explorer for viewing definition(s) and contextual info
exVim utility 805 8040 Turn Vim better than IDE!
CCTree ftplugin 402 18478 C Call-Tree Explorer -- Cscope based source-code browser; code flow analyzer
sessionman.vim utility 375 8552 Vim session manager
SourceCodeObedience ftplugin 248 8039 Browse source code easily with cscope, ctags and marks system
VimLite utility 203 13258 Make vim as a C/C++ IDE inspired by CodeLite.
cscope_macros.vim utility 203 9318 basic cscope settings and key mappings
autoload_cscope.vim utility 157 8758 Script that will search for and load cscope.out databases automatically
videm utility 153 10513 Vim's IDE Mode
cscope quickfix utility 121 3863 enables to use cscope with quickfix.
cscope.vim utility 117 6944 create/update/connect cscope database smartly.
AsyncCommand utility 99 4818 Execute commands and have them send their result to vim when they complete
fly.vim utility 96 1721 An integrated code development environment (incl. Cscope, Web Search, Man Pages)
autotags utility 63 1687 vim plugin for easy ctags and cscope handling in a separate directory
cscope wrapper utility 56 2075 make gvim(WIN32) + cscope(Cygwin) work together
woc utility 36 1332 A vim WoC browser. It enables hyperlinks for sources and ASCII texts.
cecscope utility 26 4285 command and menu driven cscope interface
symfind utility 25 1858 find symbol or file in your project
cscope_dynamic utility 22 1049 quick automatic dynamic cscope updates
clang_pro.vim utility 21 5769 auto complete c/c++/java ,using global make a proj to find define and reference
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