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Searched scripts for "python" Showing 1 to 20 of 514 results
Script Type Rating Down
jupytext.vim utility 4 53 Plugin for editing Jupyter ipynb files via jupytext
vim-indexer utility 2 43 Vim plugin that provides async tags generation with project management.
vimteractive ftplugin 0 112 Sending commands from vim to interactive programs
evince-synctex ftplugin 0 76 Python-based vim script for bidirectional synchronization between Vim and Evince
aa utility 0 44 A plugin for managing time and note taking
Toki Pona syntax 0 52 syntax coloring and filetype settings for the Toki Pona minimalist conlang
Pickachu utility 0 58 Color, date, and file picker for Vim using Zenity
vim-terminal utility 22 207 A Vim plugin that opens an interactive terminal in a buffer for running programs
rainbow_levels.vim indent 14 298 A different approach to code highlighting.
MarkdownCopy utility 0 132 Copy Markdown to clipboard as HTML
subnetquicksearch.vim utility 0 96 Searches for a highlighted subnet
VimRpc utility 26 100 VimRpc is a Vim plugin that helps you embed vim in your programs
VimCalc3 utility 0 324 Plugin that provides a convenient interactive calculator inside a Vim buffer
factorus utility 8 329 Vim plugin for automated refactoring
istanbul.vim utility 0 250 Visualize code coverage and summarize uncovered lines into quickfix
Grammalecte utility 4 278 Vim plugin for the Grammalecte French grammar checker
vtags utility 42 1002 verdi like, verilog code signal trace and show topo script  
vim-base64 utility 13 225 Vim plugin to encode/decode base64 strings
minimalist.vim color scheme 27 1159 A Material Color Scheme Darker for Vim
vim-codequery utility -1 135 An asynchronous code searcher
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