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Zmrok color scheme 34 1353 Dark, warm color scheme
Zephyr Color Scheme color scheme 8 788 Dark color scheme with distinct but calm colors
zenesque.vim color scheme 152 2592 Minimalistic scheme with light / dark background options
Zenburn color scheme 1730 45654 Low contrast colour scheme for low light conditions
Zen Color Scheme color scheme 10 2164 Zen color scheme for Vim
zazen color scheme 28 1645 a dark grey colorscheme based on zenesque
zarniwoop.vim color scheme 1 750 A colourful, dark colour scheme for Vim.
yowish color scheme 8 909 A yellowish dark colorscheme
yellow color scheme 3 1082 A yellow-green color scheme
yaml.vim color scheme 115 12227 Syntax coloring and functions for YAML
xterm16.vim color scheme 623 9395 An adjustable contrast color scheme for GUI and 8, 16 or 256 color terminals.
xorium.vim color scheme 22 1158 Colorful, dark background, unobtrusive invisibles, 256 colors
Xoria256m color scheme 5 992 256 colorscheme forked from Xoria256
xoria256.vim color scheme 465 24802 Soft pastel gamma on dark background, same appearence in {,g}vim
xmaslights.vim color scheme 33 1618 Make your text appear as animated Christmas lights
xian.vim color scheme 57 1766 kind'a pastel colorscheme (dark bg, GUI only)
xemacs colorscheme color scheme 49 3198 Vim with xemacs-like colors
WWDC17 color scheme 0 383 Colorful light color scheme inspired by WWDC17 page
WWDC16 color scheme 12 545 Colorful dark color scheme inspired by WWDC16 page
WuYe color scheme 87 1961 A dark background color scheme
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