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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2022-12-04]  Mies.vim : Bauhaus-inspired monochrome colorscheme.
(0.0.0) Initial upload - Jared Gorski
[2022-12-02]  Ada Bundle : Complete Ada-Mode (https://github.com/krischik/Ada-Bundle)
(5.4.0) See https://github.com/krischik/vim-ada/releases/tag/v_5.4.0 - Martin Krischik
[2022-12-01]  Miesl.vim : Monochrome colorscheme.
(0.0.0) Initial - Jared Gorski
[2022-12-01]  enfocado : How themes should be.
(5.20.0) https://github.com/wuelnerdotexe/vim-enfocado/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md#5200---2022-11-30 - Wuelner Martínez
[2022-11-29]  asyncrun : Run Async Shell Commands in Vim 8.0 and Output to Quickfix in Realtime
(2.11.14) - terminal: only reuse terminal window created by asyncrun, prevent side-effect to other terminal plugins; - terminal: simplify terminal reusable check routine; - terminal: enable reuse by default for split terminal (can be disabled by -reuse=0); - terminal: enable autoscroll for terminal buffers in a non-active window (-focus=0); - terminal: accept "-scroll=0" to keep consistency with quickfix window. - Wei Lin
[2022-11-16]  SpaceCamp Lite : Vim colors for the final frontier.
(1.07) Fixed MatchParen readability - Jared Gorski
[2022-11-16]  SpaceCamp : Vim colors for the final frontier.
(1.07) Fixed MatchParen readability - Jared Gorski
[2022-11-15]  vim-xkbswitch : Automatic Keyboard Layout Switcher
(0.17.1) Bugfix: tracking of the keyboard layout state was getting broken after visiting the command-line window with commands q/ and q?. - Alexey Radkov
[2022-11-13]  vim-hec5 : Hex editor for Vim. It uses UNIX utility xxd for conversion.
(0.1.7) - Data protection can be toggled by "gp". (Or another keybinding.) Many bugs had been fixed. - Artem Korotchenko
[2022-11-12]  vim-highlighter : Highlight words and expressions
(1.54) Support 'HiErase' for "Hi+ \%line" command (issue #16)   :h %l - Azabiong
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