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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2018-11-18]  glsl.vim : Syntax File for the Desktop OpenGL Shading Language Version 4.6 GLSL GLSlang
(2.0) Initial upload - Richard Van Natta
[2018-11-16]  Omnipytent : The all powerful Pythonic task runner
(1.3.0) Added ctx.proj_dir, ctx.task_dir, ctx.cur_dir and ctx.file_dir. Added g:omnipytent_projectRootMarkers for picking a parent directory as project root when there is no tasks file. Added Async tasks mechanism. Added @task.options_multi - like task.options but allows multiple choices. Added Generator style for @task.options. Look the directory tree for a tasks file. Options tasks use the chosen selection UI. Fixed vim_eval for lists and dicts. Fixed Input mode handling when starting terminal. - Idan Arye
[2018-11-16]  publish_helper : vim code highlights in pandoc documents (HTML and TeX)
(0.12.3) fixes and improvements in vimhl.hs and vimhl_latex_tmpl.sh, compatibility with pandoc 2.0 - Alexey Radkov
[2018-11-16]  match-up : even better %, navigate & highlight matching word, modern matchit replacement
(0.3) Add html highlighting of tag only. Add surround and highlight background features. Fix many bugs. - andy massimino
[2018-11-15]  Toggle : allows you to toggle bool (true/false) and other words with a shortcut
(0.6) Add Python True/False toggle, kindly provided by Christian Tabedzki - Timo Teifel
[2018-11-14]  mkdx.vim : Adds useful mappings for working with markdown files
(1.8.2) - Fix: handle &shiftwidth = 0 (Thanks to @marcdeop -- https://github.com/marcdeop). - Sidney Liebrand
[2018-11-10]  yaifa : Yet another indent finder, almost...
(2.1) Fix some logic and add support for NeoVim - Israel Chauca Fuentes
[2018-11-10]  vim-determined : A wrapper to make term_start more friendly
(1.1.1) Documentation update - Andrew Nichols
[2018-11-10]  ywvim : Another input method(IM) for VIM, supports all modes.
(1.25) 1. 支持智能标点. Added support for intelligent punctuations. let g:ywvim_intelligent_punc=1. let g:ywvim_intelligent_punclist='.,:' 2. 增加特殊符号,可以像普通码元一样有选字栏选多个符号。Added support on SpecialPunctuation= in mabiao file to allow the punctation treated as normal code. 3. 增加普通模式的切换键。Added key mapping to toggle im in normal mode. <C-\> 4. 增加选项解决cmdline选字栏显示问题。Added option g:ywvim_dirty_redraw to dirty fix the display on cmdline. 5. 修复\键bug。fixed bug of mapping \. thanks zcallme & wuming. 6. 解决replace模式时选字栏的残留问题。Fixed the candidate bar doesn't disappear properly when in repace mode. Thanks KnightG. - Yue Wu
[2018-11-07]  vim-mac-dictionary : A Vim plugin that helps you find words using Mac's dictionary app.
(1.0.0) Initial upload - JohngRib Lee
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