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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2021-10-24]  GitBlame : plugin provides minimal command set for working with git
(0.8.3) minor changes: git blame - beep when trying to open locally changed lines; git log - add  --decorate flag. - Michael Moser
[2021-10-21]  viora.vim : Access Oracle from Vim
(4) Fixed problem with recognizing query on the very first line of buffer Fixed searching for error position if perl variables are in use in query - Andrey Voropaev
[2021-10-17]  taberian : Clickable tabs per VIM window
(0.2) - handle unnamed buffers - confirm window close - Sergey Vlasov
[2021-10-15]  MarksConfig : Save/restore marks. Unlimited marks. Dump marks to quickfix or window.
(0.1.1) - New: complete refactoring of function OpenInWindow. - New: allow to add user options on commands: Mkw, MkW, MkQ and Mkq. - New: commands Mkqo and Mkwo for user to set all options. - New: option 'help', to show the available options on OpenInWindow function. - New: option T, for OpenInWindow function's to preserve line indentation on   quickfix window when the marks/sings names are not displayed. - New global variables to configure sign's character and highlight:   g:MarksConfig_signCharacater and g:MarksConfig_signHighlight. - Javier Puigdevall
[2021-10-13]  surround.vim : Delete/change/add parentheses/quotes/XML-tags/much more with ease
(2.2) Keep HTML attributes when changing tags. Support <Space><Space> as space replacement. Bug fixes. - Tim Pope
[2021-10-12]  hamster.vim : Hamster (Classic | Playground) indent file
( Added b:undo_indent and cpo support. - David Fishburn
[2021-10-12]  sql.vim : SQL indent file for Sybase SQL Anywhere and Oracle
(4.0) Added b:undo_indent support. - David Fishburn
[2021-10-11]  vim-highlighter : Highlight words and expressions
(1.32) Improve "Find" results navigation - jump to the first item using number key combination - Azabiong
[2021-10-07]  enfocado : How the themes should be.
(2.0) Initial upload - Wuelner Martínez
[2021-10-06]  gen_clang_conf : easy generate simple clang config.
(1.1) support  ctags support gen compile_commands.json - fcy ing
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