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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2021-05-14]  Tabstuff : Tabstuff is a plugin to sulplies various tabrelated stuff
(1.3.1-zip) fixed a small error introduced when I fixed the last error, this is the zip version - Francis Grizzly Smit
[2021-05-14]  dadbod.vim : Modern database interface for Vim
(1.3) Add ClickHouse adapter. Add impala adapter. Add jq adapter. Add osquery adapter. Add Presto adapter. Support arbitrary MongoDB parameters, including authSource= and ssl=. Support protocol=, login-path=, and ssl-*= for MySQL. Support encrypt= and trustServerCertificate= for SQL server. Support tab completion for SQL server. Support command modifiers like :tab. Support prefix to query for range selection (e.g., :%DB EXPLAIN). Provide gq map to close results window. Bug fixes. - Tim Pope
[2021-05-14]  vim-highlighter : An easy words highlighter
(1.1) Upgrade "Following Highlight" with well-known keywords. Fixed buffer switching error - Azabiong Choi
[2021-05-13]  systemverilog.vim : Indent & syntax script for Verilog and SystemVerilog
(1.9) Latest from GitHub - Nachum Kanovsky
[2021-05-12]  enwise : Press `enter` to close unbalanced brackets in cursorline.
(v0.3.0) Fixed a issue that prevent enwise to work correctly on Linux and Macos. - Aaron Taner
[2021-05-07]  abbott.vim : A warm, dark color scheme for prose and code, with pastels and pretty greens
(v2.1) * **Added chocolate and dark olive colors on top of core 16-color palette.** * Adjusted brown shades to reduce excessive contrast. * Fixed an incorrect ANSI color assignment. * Tweaked a few color assignments for greater clarity and fewer distractions. * Improved highlighting of diff files. * Switched visual selection from dark-on-light to light-on-dark colors. - Jonathan Rascher
[2021-05-04]  clever-f.vim : Extended f/F/t/T mappings for more convenience.
(1.7) - Add new feature 'highlight timeout' which removes highlights after specified timeout automatically - Do not repeat the previous character while f mapping is used while macro - Small refactorings/improvements - Linda Rhysd
[2021-05-03]  vim-office : read common binary files, such as PDFs or those for Libre or Microsoft Office
(1.2) add open document and other file formats; fix bugs - Enno Nagel
[2021-05-02]  vimspectorpy : python default configurations for vimspector
(0.9.3) Fixed these issues: Issue 10: Unable to install via vim-plug (missing nvim support) Issue 9: Cannot step into code in other packages - sagi zeevi
[2021-05-02]  oonav : Plugin for navigating object oriented code
(0.9.4) Added nvim support - sagi zeevi
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