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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2019-09-22]  sh.vim : Indenting for Shell script
(5.15) fix: Closing brace and continues line. - Clavelito Cla
[2019-09-22]  borlandp.vim : a Vim colorscheme that looks like good old Borland IDEs.
(20190922) Initial upload - Caglar Toklu
[2019-09-19]  awk.vim : Indenting for AWK script
(1.85) fix: The next line after /=\\$/ is not indented. (again) - Clavelito Cla
[2019-09-19]  factorus : Vim plugin for automated refactoring
(2.0) Limited C++ functionality has been added; it works the exact same as the C functionality, so it can fail with more complex C++ code. Improvements were also made to extractMethod across the board. - Austin Palmer
[2019-09-18]  tortus.vim : Dark (grey and yellow on black) color scheme based on on torte.vim
(1.0.10) * bring comments a bit more into foreground * tortusless: change MatchParen - Patrick Meiser-Knosowski
[2019-09-18]  vim-notmuch-addrlookup : complete e-mail addresses in Vim by those indexed in your mail folders
(1.0) Initial upload - Enno Nagel
[2019-09-18]  vim-unicode-homoglyphs : Highlight and normalize unicode homoglyphs in Vim.
(1.2) correct initialisation - Enno Nagel
[2019-09-16]  gruvbox-material : Gruvbox with Material Palette
(1.2) 1. adjust UI colors - Sainnhe Park
[2019-09-16]  marvim : Macro Persistent Storage and Shareable Repository for VIM
(0.5 Beta) Change Log ---------------- - Refactorted to support latest plugin format of VIM 8 - Added help files and changed the readme to be markdown - Fixed issues with files with multiple dots in them and other fixes - You can now pull plugin from github chamindra/marvim - Special kudos to @omrisarig13 for VIM 8 plugin refactor Send bugs/feedback to: https://github.com/chamindra/marvim. - Chamindra de Silva
[2019-09-13]  vim-alias : versatile vim-command line aliases
(1.7) autoloadize - Enno Nagel
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