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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2019-07-18]  vim-doge : Generate proper code documentation skeletons with a single keypress.
(1.4.4) Preprocess indent position for python for inserting below declaration and adjust preprocess order. - Kim Koomen
[2019-07-15]  vim-color-forest-night : 🌲 Comfortable & Pleasant Vim Color Scheme
(0.4) add forest-dusk - Sainnhe Park
[2019-07-15]  Solarized 8 : Optimized Solarized colorschemes. Best served with true-color terminals!
(1.2.0) Increased contrast in some cases (in particular, in solarized8_high); added “flat” as an allowed value for g:solarized_statusline; improved readability of popup menus in some circumstances; other minor visual tweaks. Color schemes built with Colortemplate v2.0.0. - Lifepillar
[2019-07-15]  Colortemplate : The Toolkit for Color Scheme Designers!
(2.0.0) After applying the final touches, the v2.0 milestone has been reached! What are you expecting to start designing your color schemes? - Lifepillar
[2019-07-14]  vim-color-vanilla-cake : 🍰 Light & Eye-friendly Color Scheme
(0.2) Initial upload - Sainnhe Park
[2019-07-14]  vim-color-desert-night : 🏜️  Dark, Warm, Eye-friendly Color Scheme
(v0.2) Initial upload - Sainnhe Park
[2019-07-11]  SearchHighlighting : Highlighting of searches via star, auto-highlighting.
(2.01) - ENH: Add ...-iw / ...-nw variants of exactline, line, selection that match ignoring whitespace differences / and no whitespace. - Trigger LastSearchPatternChanged User event to notify other plugins (e.g. my SearchRepeat.vim plugin (vimscript #4949)) of the change of register /. - :SearchAutoHighlighting commands inform the SearchRepeat.vim plugin that the change in register / is automatic, not initiated by the user, so that the current custom search is kept active instead of reverting back to standard search. - ENH: Add from-cursor and to-cursor (and -iw, -nw variants) for :SearchAutoHighlighting. *** You need to update to ingo-library (vimscript #4433) version 1.036! *** - Ingo Karkat
[2019-07-11]  coc.nvim : Make your vim/neovim smart as VSCode
(0.0.73) - fix(completion): fix map of number select - fix(languages): fix cursor position with snippet - fix(completion): fix cursor position with additionalTextEdits - fix(position): fix rangeOverlap check #961 - fix(list): not change guicursor when it's empty - fix(list): fix filter not work on loading - fix(list): fix custom location list command not work - fix(util): highlight & render on vim8 - fix(handler): fix getCommands - fix(handler): not check lastInsert on trigger signatureHelp - fix(handler): fix check of signature help trigger - fix(language-client): configuration for configured server, closes #930 - fix(diagnostic): clear diagnostics on filetype change - feat(plugin): add download & fetch modules - feat(plugin): add highligher module - feat(refactor): add `<Plug>(coc-refactor)` for refactor window - feat(extension): use mv module for folder rename - feat(extension): support install taged extension - feat(extension): support custom extension root `g:coc_extension_root` - feat(handler): close signature float window on ')' - feat(list): support `g:coc_quickfix_open_command` - feat(list): add eval action - feat(list): add --tab list option - feat(list): use highligher module for showHelp - feat(terminal): add noa on window jump - feat(terminal): support vim8 - feat(diagnostic): add diagnosticRelated support - feat(diagnostic): use text properties on vim8 - feat(handler): improve signature float window - qiming zhao
[2019-07-11]  vim-marc : A vim plugin for converting between bibliographic formats
(1.0) Initial upload - Michael D
[2019-07-10]  vim-DetectSpellLang : guess the spell-check language of the current buffer
(1.1) add configuration options and fix tidbits - Enno Nagel
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