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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2023-11-28]  gnt_poignant : color scheme based on why_poignant
(1) Initial upload - GN Trifanoff
[2023-11-15]  wrapwidth : Wraps long lines visually at a specific column
(1.5) Fixed to correctly show virtual spaces if the wrapwidth column is aligned on a <Tab> when 'list' is on. - Rick Howe
[2023-11-10]  preseed : Provide syntax highlighing of debian preseed files
(8) Add support for embedded sh commands - Martin
[2023-11-06]  rpi-vim : Vim integration for emulated Raspberry PIs
(1.2.0) Adapt commands to Neovim's terminal protocol; support local '.env' and '.cflags' configurations - Robert Di Pardo
[2023-11-05]  fuzzyy : A fuzzy finder for vim
(1.1.3) https://github.com/Donaldttt/fuzzyy - Nachuan Tang
[2023-11-04]  vim-love-docs : Highlighting and help file for the LOVE framework
(0.7.0) 0.7 with plugin/love.vim - Davis Claiborne
[2023-11-04]  vim-board : Easy notes and shortcuts
(1.25.3) Update basic samples    - Azabiong
[2023-10-25]  roku.vim : roku development plugin
(0.9.10) Version 0.9.10 * Updates app packaging (:RokuPackage) to be compatible with recent   changes to the Roku web interface. * Misc other minor tweaks, fixes, and improvements to the 'package'   script. - Michael Meyer
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