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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2020-05-30]  vim-venter : Vim plugin to vertically center the current window(s)
(0.1.0) Initial upload - Jack McKiernan
[2020-05-30]  markdown-drawer : Simplify navigation in large markdown files.
(0.4) bugfix - Kevin O'Neal
[2020-05-30]  vim-doge : Generate proper code documentation skeletons with a single keypress.
(2.4.1) Allow default exports for JavaScript-like languages. - Kim Koomen
[2020-05-28]  git-switcher.vim : Automatically save and load vim session based on switching of git branch.
(1.11.0) Add feature to save Gutentags state to a session. - Toru Hoyano
[2020-05-25]  ephemeris : init
(0.5) vader tests docs fixes - bob Walker
[2020-05-24]  gitdraw.vim : draw git heat map by vim
(v0.0.1) Initial upload - Zhenyu Wu
[2020-05-24]  vim-pastebins : A vim plugin that helps you using pastebin services!
(0.2.0) - Fallback to text when the file type is not supported - Allow to paste the entire buffer - Sean Feng
[2020-05-23]  sql_tool_swb : run sql statements using sql workbench/j
(1.2) added profile choice menu; added prepend sql block support; - leo du
[2020-05-23]  mkdx.vim : Adds useful mappings for working with markdown files
(1.9.4) -  Add: when conceallevel is set, markdown link urls are now also hidden (#108 by @Ginner) -  Fix: improved cursor position after unwrapping text - Sidney Liebrand
[2020-05-20]  localvimrc : load subdirectory specific vimrc files
(3.1.0) - add option to disable probing of Python versions - prevent recursive sourcing of local vimrc files - better handling of syntax errors in sourced local vimrc files - compatibility with current development versions of Vim - Markus Braun
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