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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2021-09-26]  HTML/XHTML Macros : HTML/XHTML editing macros and menus
(1.1.15) - Tweaks, and speed improvements - Some plugin commands are now local to the buffer - Christian J. Robinson
[2021-09-24]  GitBlame : plugin provides minimal command set for working with git
(0.5) add BranchLocal and BranchRemote, fix status line. - Michael Moser
[2021-09-23]  viora.vim : Access Oracle from Vim
(3) Added check for validity of DB connection Fixed problem with query as last line in the buffer - Andrey Voropaev
[2021-09-22]  octave.vim : Syntax highlighting file for GNU Octave language
(6.3.0) Syntax matched to Octave Release 6.3.0 Add runtime configuration variables octave_highlight_operators, octave_highlight_variables, octave_highlight_tabs. Fix highlighting of classdef keywords which are also functions. Fix highlighting of complex numbers with capital I,J. Fix highlighting of user variables, particularly structs. Fix highlighting of run-away strings and strings with line continuations Avoid changing vim variable "iskeyword" and regexp matching for local buffer. Completely overhauled strategy for highlighting Performance improvements in regular expressions - Rik ***
[2021-09-19]  vim-adif : ADIF syntax support
(0.1) Initial upload - Nate Bargmann
[2021-09-14]  VPE - Vim Python Extensions : Extension for Vim scripting using Python 3
(0.6) Version 0.6 - The main activity has been writing more of a user guide. The built-in Vim   style help is now mainly reference. The full help is in HTML form - currently   available at https://vim-vpe.readthedocs.io/en/userguide/. - General   - Fixed issue where VPE could fail to load its plugins.   - Prevent some errors when getting application window information.   - Reduce the likelyhood of callback failures passing silently.   - The define_command function now allows the range argument to be True, which     is equivalent to the Vim '-range' option without arguments.   - The call_soon mechanism now logs a traceback upon failure. - Refactoring   - Cleaned up how single-shot timers are handled.   - Moved a lot of code into vpe.common. - AutoCmdGroup   - Additional keyword arguments may now be passed to the function handling an     event. - Channel   - The on_connect method is now invoked via call_soon.   - The closed property was fixed to prevent an exception.   - The on_message method is now invoked via call_soon.   - Added a read method to allow explicit channel reading.   - Prevent Vim error when closing an already closed channel. - Popup windows   - Better detection of mouse events, by adding hard coded sequences.   - Made the textprop, textpropif and textpropwin properties read/write.   - Tidied up handling of keys with modifiers.   - The buffer property is now None where it would previously raise an     exception.   - Added setoptions and move methods. - Buffer   - Added an add_listener method. Provides a hook into Vim's listener_add     mechanism. Treat this feature as quite experimental. - ScratchBuffer   - The init_options method now does nothing, it exists only to be     over-ridden by subclasses. - Paul Ollis
[2021-09-11]  verilog_smn.vim : To display the module name and instance name when viewing verilog file
(1.3) Fix some bugs and print the line number of the found module and instance. -
[2021-09-08]  vim-highlighter : Highlight words and expressions
(1.29) Improve usability - save & load highlights - Azabiong
[2021-09-08]  vim-numbers : Text objects for numbers
(1.0.2) Fix bug in selecting octal numbers at the beginning of lines, make selecting octal numbers with multiple valid prefixes (e.g. `041407357` more robust), update documentation with `0O` as a valid octal prefix. -
[2021-09-06]  vim-xkbswitch : Automatic Keyboard Layout Switcher
(0.15.1) - Bugfix: insert mappings which contain single quotes must be escaped when building translations. - Never enable the plugin in nofile buftypes. - Alexey Radkov
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