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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2021-11-28]  vim-numbers : Text objects for numbers
(1.0.3) * Fix number vselect contexts * Recognise comma-separated numbers with scientific notation * Add more test cases -
[2021-11-27]  dev-goodies : useful commands for working with code.
(0.0.2) fix docs - Michael Moser
[2021-11-27]  Merginal : Fugitive extention to manage and merge Git branches
(2.2.1) Fixes: - Use FugitiveShellCommand instead of repo.git_command (which is deprecated by Fugitive) - Use Git merge instead of Gmerge (which is deprecated by Fugitive) - Idan Arye
[2021-11-26]  fugitive.vim : A Git wrapper so awesome, it should be illegal
(3.6) Fix support for older Vim 7 patch levels. Support copies on :Gclog --follow. - Tim Pope
[2021-11-26]  taberian : Clickable tabs per VIM window
(0.4) dropped vim 8.2.3524 compatibility state import / export functions - Sergey Vlasov
[2021-11-25]  enfocado : How themes should be.
(4.0.0) https://github.com/wuelnerdotexe/vim-enfocado/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md - Wuelner Martínez
[2021-11-24]  vimcrypt2 : open encrypted files in vim, enter password once for the same buffer
(0.3) error handling for read errors: If read error: sleep for five seconds, display error and delete the     buffer that failed to read. - Michael Moser
[2021-11-21]  rogue.vim : Porting of Rogue-clone II for Vim
(1.0.2) - Fixed for using Lua 5.3 without bit32 library - Auto make directory of g:rogue#directory if not exists - Fixed some bugs - Noriaki KATO
[2021-11-15]  vim-ruby-block-helpers : Helpers for maneuvering between ruby blocks, and context output in rspec files
(1.0.5) Add do pattern to the end of test/next blocks - John DeWyze
[2021-11-14]  vim-yank-window : A small plugin to yank and paste windows
(1.0.0) Initial upload -
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