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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2019-01-24]  vim-contemplate : Autcommand scaffolding with snippet exapnsion
(1.0.0) Initial upload - Andrew Nichols
[2019-01-22]  diffchar.vim : Highlight the exact differences, based on characters and words
(8.3) Fixed not to detect more DiffChange lines than g:DiffMaxLines option. - Rick Howe
[2019-01-22]  traces.vim : Range, pattern and substitute preview for Vim
(v1.1.0) New options   g:traces_num_range_preview   g:traces_enabled Pattern preview for :sort Various bugs fixed - Marko Nimac
[2019-01-18]  ModelineCommands : Extended modelines that allow the execution of arbitrary Vim commands.
(1.00) Initial upload - Ingo Karkat
[2019-01-17]  todo-vim : todo-vim is plugin for manage your todo notes
(0.3) Fixed bugs - Dimercel Ito
[2019-01-17]  oops_trace.vim : oops_trace.vim - Use tag-style lookups on Linux kernel oops backtraces.
(1.3) Fixed a few bugs and added a bit more debug for when things go wrong. - Ross Zwisler
[2019-01-16]  RPN : Vim RPN calculator
(1.5) New commands: c: clear the stack f: print the entire stack p: display the last entry on the stack (done by default at the end, anyway) k: set precision (number of decimal places) K: push the precision onto the stack !: replace the item with its negative value Z: replace the item with the number of characters it takes up (number of digits plus decimal point and negative sign) z: push the size of the current stack x: remove the entry (pop and destroy) New special: tax: Equivalent to multiplying by g:Rpn_taxRate. For example, if you set g:Rpn_taxRate to 1.5, then executing 'Rpn 3 tax' is the same as 'Rpn 3 1.5 *' -- I use it for sales tax calculations - Salman Halim
[2019-01-16]  coco : a vim code commenter;
(1.0.0) . - Cyker Way
[2019-01-14]  Mark : a little script to highlight several words in different colors simultaneously
(1.2-g) 1. Instead of clear all marks, \n now simply mutes them, press \n once more to show them again 2. To clear all marks (instead of mute them), press \m (to create a new mark) when muted 3. Marks are now savable if 'viminfo' has the ! flag. E.g. set viminfo='64,<8192,s1024,!,h - Yuheng Xie
[2019-01-13]  asyncrun : Run Async Shell Commands in Vim 8.0 and Output to Quickfix in Realtime
(2.0.5) enable stdin on windows by default to fix cmake stdin warnings on windows. - Wei Lin
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