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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2021-04-12]  ESI VPS FEA-Solver Syntax Highlighting : Syntax Highlighting for ESI VPS (Pam-Crash) FEA-Solver
(10.1) 2020.5 new Modular Material Syntax implemented (experimental, feedback appreciated) Minor Bugfixes - Roman Firt
[2021-04-11]  tagasort.vim : Sort and format the attributes of html and jsx tags.
(1.2.3) Fix bug regarding non single-byte characters The bug prevented it from working with tags that had attributes containing certain characters such as š or Š. - Josť Villar
[2021-04-10]  wheel : Buffer group & workspace manager
(1.15) New features : edit mode for grep async commands add files using glob characterwise / linewise paste from yank wheel reorganize tabs & window from special buffer - chimay orduval
[2021-04-07]  Vimkubectl : Manage any Kubernetes resource from Vim
(0.11.0) - Change buffer names from __kubernetes__/* to kube://*, this will enable better overriding of buffers. - Use BufReadCmd to manage buffers, there can now be multiple resource & list view buffers - Display resource count in list view - Use vint to identify bugs and reduce bad patterns - Multiple minor bug fixes - Saud Mohammed
[2021-04-06]  sh.vim : Indenting for Shell script
(5.29) fix: select-do - Clavelito Cla
[2021-04-04]  onetags : vim tag files management
(0.9.5) ## Version 0.9.5 solved issues Issue 10: Failed to update external tags from .onetags.json Issue 9: plugin ignore user overriding defaults Issue 8: marker file in inner directory is skipped Issue 7: Conflicts with Gdiffsplit Issue 6: add marker files - sagi zeevi
[2021-04-04]  simple_highlighting : Easily highlight multiple words in all buffers and search through them
(2.1) Fixed issue #4: When highlighting on a visual selection the script does not current escape the magic characters. This causes undesirable behavior. For instance it you tried to match "...a" with a visual selection match you are going to end up with everything that has three characters before an a highlighted. - Pev Hall
[2021-04-04]  vim-cpywrite : Generate copyright headers for any open source license
(0.3.4) Handle missing emails, fix regex bugs, reduce plugin size - Robert Di Pardo
[2021-04-03]  vim-color-forest-night : 🌲 Comfortable & Pleasant Vim Color Scheme
(0.2.0) release v0.2.0 - Sainnhe Park
[2021-04-02]  sleuth.vim : Heuristically set buffer options
(1.2) Add option to limit number of other files checked, defaulting to 20. Add global and local options to disable automatic detection. Provide :Sleuth for manual detection. Add indicator for flagship.vim. Skip over Python style triple quoted strings. Skip over XML/HTML style comments. Skip over backtick quoted strings in Go files only. Avoid activating on help buffers. Check vimrc when sleuthing under Vim filetype. Disallow odd 'shiftwidth' values greater than 3. - Tim Pope
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