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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2020-11-29]  unicon : uniform contrast light and dark colorscheme
(2.2.0) Highlight SignColumn as LineNr - Andrey Bartashevitch
[2020-11-27]  git-switcher.vim : Automatically save and load vim session based on switching of git branch.
(1.12.0) Add gsw_save_non_project_session_confirm option. - Toru Hoyano
[2020-11-25]  SelX : A Rainbow of Vim selection/highlighting & search
(24/11/20) - Improved feedback for 'full word/arbitrary' selection toggle operation - Added search success/failure feedback; printed to command line - Minor comment corrections - Richard Bentley-Green
[2020-11-23]  VPE - Vim Python Extensions : Extension for Vim scripting using Python 3
(0.4.1) - Log class.   - Changed the way the buffer contents are trimmed. Prevents (or at least     reduces) annoying window redraws/corruption. - Paul Ollis
[2020-11-23]  vim-macroscope : Quick macro editing
(1.1) Use <q-args> rather than <args> so macroscope can be called like :Macroscope q rather than :Macroscope 'q' - Dom Batten
[2020-11-22]  Git Support : Inspect the state of a repository and execute Git commands without leaving Vim.
(0.9.4-1) - Add command :GitTerm to execute Git in a terminal window (requires +terminal). - Improve :GitGrep (in case +conceal is available). - Improve :GitLog to support ranges. - Add maps to these buffers: branch, status - Adapt for running under Neovim more smoothly. - Minor changes. - Wolfgang Mehner
[2020-11-22]  complete_filename_keepenv : complete filename without expanding envrionment variables
(0.1) Initial upload - jinhu lu
[2020-11-22]  rust-snippets : Rust snippets for Vim
(8.2) Initial upload - Wafelack Wafelack
[2020-11-21]  DrawX : ASCII and Unicode Art (etch-a-sketch style)
(20/11/20) Initial upload - Richard Bentley-Green
[2020-11-21]  SessX : Simple session management
(17/11/2020) - Corrected variable use in SaveSession() - was non-local - Richard Bentley-Green
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