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midnight.vim color scheme 141 19068 Dark blue, low contrast colorscheme.
Solarized color scheme 872 18174 Beautiful dual light/dark, selective contrast, GUI/256/16 colorscheme
Railscasts Theme (GUI&256color) color scheme 756 15583 A railscasts color theme that works in 256color terminals as well as gui
borland.vim color scheme 208 14248 Classic borland IDE like Vim color scheme
darkspectrum color scheme 436 14115 a gvim color scheme based on the oblivion color scheme for gedit
mayansmoke color scheme 293 13595 Ergonomic light-background color scheme.
matrix.vim color scheme 221 12674 MATRIX like colorscheme
Code::Blocks Dark color scheme 198 12096 Code::Blocks original theme in a dark manner
blackboard.vim color scheme 107 11962 Clone of the Blackboard theme from textmate
kolor color scheme 676 11683 Colorful and eye comfortable. With 256 color terminal support.
Guardian 2.0 color scheme 116 11678 A rich and stylish syntax highlighting for coders
freya color scheme 173 11360 A dark color scheme with warm colors
xterm16.vim color scheme 623 10655 An adjustable contrast color scheme for GUI and 8, 16 or 256 color terminals.
midnight2.vim color scheme 184 10575 Dark blue, low contrast colorscheme.
fog colorscheme color scheme 67 9901 A gentle colorscheme for code editing.
monokai color scheme 156 9822 Monokai colorscheme, originally ported to vim by Damien Gombault
Solarized 8 color scheme 118 9554 Optimized Solarized colorschemes. Best served with true-color terminals!
vibrantink color scheme 131 9466 A Vim port of Justin Palmer's VibrantInk theme for TextMate
manxome foes colorscheme color scheme 95 9264 a pleasant scheme for long vimming sessions
eclipse.vim color scheme 62 9257 Eclipse like color scheme
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