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Script Type Rating Down
gtk-vim-syntax syntax 594 11768 Syntax highlighting for GLib, Gtk+, Xlib, Gimp, Gstreamer, and more.
vim-xkbswitch utility 381 11292 Automatic Keyboard Layout Switcher
cppcomplete utility 267 23069 C/C++ and Java code completion
GTK+ syntax 119 2950 GTK+-2.2 syntax highlight
vim-stata ftplugin 69 1002 Vim Plugin for Running Selected Do-File Lines in Stata
vim7-install.sh utility 60 5340 {download + build + install} latest vim7.1 from svn sources in 1 command.
ColorSchemeEditor utility 59 2141 PyGTK GUI to more easily create colorschemes (keywords: color scheme editor)
Pida utility 53 1013 A graphical IDE that uses Vim as its editor over the client-server protocol.
gvim with tabs utility 41 1173 patch to add tabs to gvim
popup_it utility 38 628 a easy config auto complete popup
popup_it utility 34 1092 Auto complete popup plugin
VIM Color Picker utility 32 1160 A simple color picker for VIM, based on GTK color chooser dialog.
vCoolor utility 29 2644 A Simple color selector/picker plugin
TaQua color scheme 27 2464 baby colors for use with aqua themes
glib.vim syntax 18 1278 syntax highlighting for additional glib types
gtkvim.tgz utility 14 1631 GTK+ widget interface to gvim
gnome-doc.vim utility 14 827 auto-generate C document headers for GTK+/GNOME functions
PickAColor.vim utility 14 1044 Inserts and edits color codes using a color name or a graphic color chooser.
GtkFileChooser utility 13 721 Patch that adds GtkFileChooser support to gvim (GTK 2.4+)
Russian PLansliterated utility 13 792 Transliterated Russian without breaking normal-mode
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