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Script Type Rating Down
jreplace.vim utility 0 34 Repeat you last SEARCH+REPLACE with your grepprg
CmdlineSpecialEdits utility 0 173 Useful replacements of parts of the cmdline.
vim-select-replace utility 0 498 selectively replace or delete the cur. word or selected text in multiple places
squeeze_repeat_blanks.vim utility 16 407 Squeeze repeated blank lines into one
colon_operator.vim utility 16 428 Use colon commands with motions
aa utility 0 435 A plugin for managing time and note taking
SearchAsQuickJump utility 0 945 Quick search without affecting 'hlsearch', search pattern and history.
AutoSave utility 0 695 Automatically persist a buffer frequently.
change-case.vim utility 31 1366 Operator to change case (camelCase, snake_case, UPPER CASE etc.) of text
GVFilter.vim utility 0 754 VIm plugin to filter current buffer by given arguments, like :g or :v
Replay utility 0 1706 Convenient re-run of last recorded Vim macro
caw.vim utility 0 752 Comment plugin: Operator mappings/Dot-repeatable/300+ filetypes
mycomment utility 1 590 quickly toggle comment without thinking
EasyClipRing.vim utility 0 499 Autocomplete style vim pop-up menu for your registers.
zftool.vim utility 0 476 PHP plugin for running ZFTool commands
todo-txt.vim ftplugin 22 2763 Vim plugin for Todo.txt
SpecialLocationComplete utility 0 815 Insert mode completion for special custom patterns.
WholeLineColor utility 9 466 plugin for changing background color of lines
AppendToClip utility 13 374 plugin for appending to the default register
ReplaceWithSameIndentRegister utility 7 782 Replace lines with the contents of a register, keeping the original indent.
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