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Searched scripts for "git" Showing 1 to 20 of 563 results
Script Type Rating Down
vinegar.vim utility 0 14 Combine with netrw to create a delicious salad dressing
open-browser-github.vim utility 0 13 Open GitHub URL of file, issue, pull request (GitHub Enterprise supported)
dadbod.vim utility 53 47 Modern database interface for Vim
aa utility 0 9 A plugin for managing time and note taking
JumpToVerticalBlock utility 0 32 Like W / E, but vertically in the same column.
qt-support.vim ftplugin 0 29 Simple Qt support for Vim
Pickachu utility 0 24 Color, date, and file picker for Vim using Zenity
If I Only... utility 12 27 An only slightly smarter :only
twiggy utility 0 25 Git branch management
debugstring utility 5 34 Debug printf()-style at the speed of light
vim-terminal utility 2 62 A Vim plugin that opens an interactive terminal in a buffer for running programs
bioSyntax syntax 0 56 Syntax Highlighting for Computational Biology
i3config.vim syntax 0 38 Vim syntax highlighting for i3 config
vim-lessmess ftplugin 1 45 Removes trailing white-space, fix mixed-indent and remove empty lines at the EOF
SearchAsQuickJump utility 0 34 Quick search without affecting 'hlsearch', search pattern and history.
AutoSave utility 0 44 Automatically persist a buffer frequently.
files-complete utility 0 37 completefunc which looks to all files in the current directory
WORDComplete utility 0 38 Insert mode completion that completes an entire sequence of non-blank characters
SubstituteExpression utility 0 67 Pass text through an expression.
smart-tabline.vim utility 8 88 maintains buffers for the tab it belongs to
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