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Script Type Rating Down
JavaScript Indent indent 2066 13527 Javascript indenter (HTML indent is included)
indent/python.vim indent 1784 34814 An alternative indentation script for python
PHP-correct-Indenting indent 1040 18820 The official VIm indent script for PHP
php.vim (html enhanced) indent 697 9024 combination of the php indent file and the html indent file
omlet.vim indent 249 6664 Much better OCaml indentation, and more...
OOP javascript indentation indent 243 5983 This indentation script for OOP javascript (especially for EXTJS)
VHDL indent ('93 syntax) indent 231 7115 Revised VHDL indent file
systemverilog.vim indent 196 5648 Indent & syntax script for Verilog and SystemVerilog
Javascript Indentation indent 154 10753 Indentation for Javascript
Better Javascript Indentation indent 133 4559 Vastly improved javascript indentation
indent/python.vim indent 129 6227 best plugin for indent python code!
fortran.vim indent 109 12277 Additional indentation rules for Fortran 95 and Fortran 90
linuxsty.vim indent 105 4072 Vim plugin to respect the Linux kernel coding style
google.vim indent 102 8359 Indent file for Google C++ Coding Style
indent/html.vim indent 92 11348 alternative html indent script
tcl.vim indent 82 2783 indentation file for tcl
Indent Finder indent 76 3842 Always set the correct indentation for the file you are editing.
indent/haskell.vim indent 67 4683 Haskell indent file
IndentAnything indent 62 6183 Write indentations or enhance existing indentations without writing code
html improved indentation indent 61 3502 A better indentation for HTML and embedded javascript
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