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Searched scripts for "php" Showing 1 to 20 of 598 results
Script Type Rating Down
taglist.vim utility 14306 330765 Source code browser (supports C/C++, java, perl, python, tcl, sql, php, etc)
AutoComplPop utility 4413 68829 Automatically opens popup menu for completions
Colo(u)r Sampler Pack color scheme 4029 98366 [[[Oct 2012 Update]]] Top 100(ish) Themes, GUI Menu
minibufexpl.vim utility 3864 120292 Elegant buffer explorer - takes very little screen space
OmniCppComplete ftplugin 3331 99391 C/C++ omni-completion with ctags database
PDV - phpDocumentor for Vim utility 3175 16743 Provides really comfortable generation of phpDocumentor doc blocks for PHP4 & 5.
Rainbow Parentheses Improved utility 2446 9158 shorter code, no level limit, smooth and fast, powerful configuration.
Source Explorer (SrcExpl) utility 1403 25852 A Source code Explorer for viewing definition(s) and contextual info
dbext.vim utility 1290 32897 Provides database access to many DBMS (Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft, MySQL, DBI,..)
oceandeep color scheme 1120 25853 dark colorscheme, pleasant, mainly blue and blueish-green
Mark utility 1085 14749 a little script to highlight several words in different colors simultaneously
PHP-correct-Indenting indent 1039 19013 The official VIm indent script for PHP
comments.vim utility 1032 16282 To Comment/Un-Comment single/multiple lines of code for different source files
LaTeX-Suite (aka Vim-LaTeX) ftplugin 967 8995 A rich set of tools for editing LaTeX
vtreeexplorer utility 908 20233 tree based file explorer - the original
php.vim syntax 814 52669 PHP Syntax
javacomplete ftplugin 714 26685 Omni Completion for JAVA
easytags.vim utility 707 17286 Automated tag file generation and syntax highlighting of tags in Vim
php.vim (html enhanced) indent 701 9072 combination of the php indent file and the html indent file
xptemplate utility 649 8683 XP's Snippet Template engine for vim
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