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vim-marc ftplugin 4 80 A vim plugin for converting between bibliographic formats
vim-office utility 0 76 read common binary files, such as PDFs or those for Libre or Microsoft Office
vim-sentence-chopper indent 0 111 version-control friendly formatting of prose (and LaTeX markup)
vim-unicode-homoglyphs utility 1 101 Highlight and normalize unicode homoglyphs in Vim.
vim-serape color scheme 9 177 a bright and vivid color scheme
vim-pwsh-formatter syntax 0 85 Poor man's vim powershell code formatter.
vim-color-forest-night color scheme 16 418 🌲 Comfortable & Pleasant Vim Color Scheme
vim-doge ftplugin 66 1130 Generate proper code documentation skeletons with a single keypress.
Jira-Vim ftplugin 37 207 A vim plugin to access your Jira workspace directly from Vim
vim-loclist-follow utility 0 323 automated selection of location list item based on cursor position
vim-mutt-aliases ftplugin 0 155 complete e-mail addresses in Vim by those in your mutt aliases file
vim-mailquery ftplugin 0 219 complete e-mail addresses in Vim by those in your inbox
AdvancedMarks utility 1 123 Work with marks with more power.
dsf.vim utility 0 90 Delete surrounding function call
SpaceCamp Lite color scheme 31 414 Vim colors for the final frontier.
SpaceCamp color scheme 38 534 Vim colors for the final frontier.
carbonpaper.vim utility 0 102 Transfer code to LaTeX with your colorscheme in Vim
rubocop utility 0 90 Run rubocop async within vim!
vcs-jump utility 0 120 Jump to interesting places with a Git or Mercurial repo
hlparser utility 0 233 parse `:hi {name}` into a dict
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