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Script Type Rating Down
slimv.vim utility 970 17077 Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Vim ('SLIME for Vim')
Engspchk syntax 520 38275 Spelling checker: On-the-fly spell checking, multi-language, alternate spellings
paredit.vim utility 461 7858 Paredit Mode: Structured Editing of Lisp S-expressions
tagmenu.vim utility 457 10532 Tags menu for various programming language source files
tagexplorer.vim utility 404 11515 Tag explorer for various programming language files
SingleCompile utility 257 11325 Make it more convenient to compile or run a single source file.
VimOrganizer ftplugin 246 7669 An Emacs' Org-mode clone for Vim
ShowFunc.vim utility 224 17847 Creates a list of all tags / functions from a window, all windows or buffers.
Rainbow Parenthesis syntax 208 6565 Highlight matching parens in a rainbow of colors
Limp utility 206 7393 Lisp IDE
Vicle utility 135 2570 Vim - Interpreter Command Line Editor. Like Chimp or Slimv.
VIlisp.vim utility 131 6842 Send Lisp code to a running Lisp interpreter
vim-uncommenter utility 107 775 Automatically deletes all comments in a programming source file.
FeralToggleCommentify.vim utility 91 4493 My fork of ToggleCommentify.vim; comment lines in a program
quickrun.vim utility 90 3960 Run a command and show its result quickly.
TagsMenu.zip utility 62 2490 Creates a menu of all the tags in the current file.
mosalisp.vim game 60 2883 lisp interpreter
opencl.vim syntax 51 3208 Syntax file for OpenCL 1.1
nextval utility 44 2981 Inc-/decrement the current value (bool, int, numeric, hex) with one keystroke
void color scheme 41 3355 A dark, clean color scheme
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