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Script Type Rating Down
vim-term utility 0 20 Run programs in a terminal via :terminal command.
gsql-vim syntax 0 12 Syntax highlighting for gsql
vim-systemverilog-syntax syntax 0 16 systemverilog syntax
vim-buffest utility 4 16 Edit registers and the quickfix/location list as buffers
undoquit.vim utility 1 15 Undo a :quit -- reopen the last window you closed
digraph_search.vim utility 1 11 Search for a digraph by name while inserting
insert_timeout.vim utility 1 9 Leave insert mode after a period of inactivity
jsonpath utility 4 9 Navigate JSON documents using dot.notation.paths
git-backups utility 1 11 uses git to back up all files
perl_version_bump.vim ftplugin 4 10 Increment Perl version numbers
simpleterm.vim utility 0 10 simple terminal in vim
require.vim utility 0 8 require vim easy
insert_cancel.vim utility -1 12 Cancel an insert mode operation
cmdwin_ctrlc.vim utility 1 15 Tweak CTRL-C command line window behavior to be a bit more useful
make_target.vim ftplugin 1 14 Make target for Makefile recipe under cursor
vim-json-format utility 1 15 format json text
clear_local_maps.vim utility 1 9 Clear buffer-local leader mappings
diff_prune.vim ftplugin 4 17 Reverse changes in selected lines of a diff
paste_open.vim utility 4 12 Mapping targets for opening new lines in paste mode
object.vim utility 0 9 A pythonic object oriented framework.
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