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Script Type Rating Down
Align utility 1932 45925 Help folks to align text, eqns, declarations, tables, etc
vim-easy-align utility 519 12925 A powerful, yet easy-to-use Vim alignment plugin
vim-plug utility 426 11827 Minimalist Vim Plugin Manager
SQLUtilities utility 316 15611 SQL utilities - Formatting, generate - columns lists, procedures for databases
genutils utility 231 46518 General utility functions
GetLatestVimScripts utility 215 15625 Keep your plugins up-to-date! (semi-automatic retrieval)
AutoAlign ftplugin 114 7470 Automatically align as you type (autoalign): bib c c++ html maple matlab tex vim
vim-origami utility 84 961 A script to align, insert and delete foldmarkers conveniently
Lineup - A simple text aligner utility 68 3112 Aligns the Nth occurence of a string or RE
screenplay ftplugin 58 1039 A filetype plugin to enable easy screenplay writing
TextFormat utility 42 3863 Quickly align and format paragraphs and text areas: left, right, justify, center
IndentConsistencyCop utility 39 5281 Is the buffer's indentation consistent and does it conform to tab settings?
Format Helper utility 38 1361 format functions: count doc-infor, add & del list and block, etc.
Tabbi utility 35 1125 Aligns text as a table
XML Indent indent 30 3261 My XML Indent (align attributes)
FormatToWidth utility 25 944 Apply the gq command to the selected / count width.
VimTrac utility 25 3525 A vim client for the Trac wiki and ticketing system
drcstubs ftplugin 24 2058 Imaps to provide active stubs  (currently: c, LaTeX, sh, vim)
CimpTabulate.vim utility 22 531 Utility script for case tabulation in C/C++
XQuery indent/omnicomplete/ftplugin ftplugin 18 1554 XQuery indent/omnicomplete/ftplugin
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