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Script Contributions

ReplaceWithSameIndentRegister Replace lines with the contents of a register, keeping the original indent.
UnconditionalPaste Force character-/line-/block-wise paste, regardless of how it was yanked.
redocommand Execute commands from the command history.
IndentConsistencyCop Is the buffer's indentation consistent and does it conform to tab settings?
IndentConsistencyCopAutoCmds autocmds for IndentConsistencyCop.vim
writebackup Write backups of current file with date file extension.
writebackupVersionControl Version control functions (diff, restore, history) for writebackup backups.
ReloadScript Reload a Vim script during script development.
camelcasemotion Motion through CamelCaseWords and underscore_notation.
EnhancedJumps Enhanced jump and change list navigation commands.
IndentCommentPrefix Keep comment prefix in column 1 when indenting.
EditSimilar Commands to edit files with a similar filename.
runVimTests A testing framework for Vim.
compiler/jsl.vim Compiler plugin for JavaScript Lint.
SearchPosition Show relation to search pattern matches in range or buffer.
Mark Highlight several words in different colors simultaneously. (#1238 continued)
ReplaceWithRegister Replace text with the contents of a register.
LimitWindowSize Reduce the current window size by placing an empty padding window next to it.
SnippetComplete Insert mode completion that completes defined abbreviations and other snippets.
writebackupToAdjacentDir Backup to an adjacent backup directory.
CountJump Create custom motions and text objects via repeated jumps.
help_movement Movement over Vim help sections with ]] etc.
diff_movement Movement over diff hunks with ]] etc.
fortunes_movement Movement over email fortunes with ]] etc.
mail_movement Movement over email quotes with ]] etc.
CaptureClipboard Append system clipboard changes to current buffer.
CommandWithMutableRange Execute commands which may add or remove lines for each line in the range.
RangeMacro Execute macro repeatedly until the end of a range is reached.
visualrepeat Repeat command extended to visual mode.
StatusLineHighlight Change statusline color depending on buffer state.
JumpToLastOccurrence f{char} motions that count from the end of the line.
diffwindow_movement Movement over changes in a diff window.
ShowTrailingWhitespace Detect unwanted whitespace at the end of lines.
DeleteTrailingWhitespace Delete unwanted whitespace at the end of lines.
JumpToTrailingWhitespace Motions to locate unwanted whitespace at the end of lines.
SpellCheck Work with spelling errors.
CompleteHelper Generic functions to support custom insert mode completions.
CamelCaseComplete Insert mode completion that expands CamelCaseWords and underscore_words.
writebackupAutomator Automatically write a backup on the first write.
TextTransform Create text transformation mappings and commands.
ConflictMotions Motions to and inside SCM conflict markers.
TaskMotions Motions to task and TODO markers.
vim_movement Movement over Vim functions with ]m etc.
vbs_movement Movement over VBScript classes / functions / properties / subs with ]m etc.
dosbatch_movement Movement over MSDOS batch file functions / labels with ]m etc.
html_FileCompletion Base dir- and URL-aware file completion for HTML links.
OnSyntaxChange Generate events when moving onto / off a syntax group.
BufferPersist Save certain buffers somewhere when quitting them.
MessageRecall Browse and re-insert previous (commit, status) messages.
VcsMessageRecall Browse and re-insert previous VCS commit messages.
TaggedSearchPattern Attach names to search patterns for easier recall.
ConflictDetection Detect and highlight SCM conflict markers.
LineJuggler Duplicate and move around lines.
SearchAlternatives Add / subtract alternatives to / from the search pattern.
ArgsAndMore Apply commands to multiple buffers and manage the argument list.
AlignFromCursor Perform :left / :right only for the text on and right of the cursor.
LogViewer Comfortable examination of multiple parallel logfiles.
SyntaxRange Define a different filetype syntax on regions of a buffer.
SnippetCompleteSnipMate Integrate snipMate snippets into SnippetComplete plugin.
GrepCommands Perform :vimgrep over arguments, buffers, windows.
CursorLineCurrentWindow Only highlight the screen line of the cursor in the currently active window.
PrevInsertComplete Recall and insert mode completion for previously inserted text.
GrepHere List occurrences in the current buffer in the quickfix window.
GrepTasks Grep for tasks and TODO markers.
RepeatableYank Repeatable appending yank to a named register.
SameFiletypeComplete Insert mode completion from buffers with the same filetype.
IndentTab Use tabs for indent at the beginning, spaces for alignment in the rest of a line
PatternComplete Insert mode completion for matches of queried / last search pattern.
MotionComplete Insert mode completion for chunks covered by queried {motion} or text object.
BracketComplete Insert mode completion for text inside various brackets.
LineEndComplete Insert mode completion that completes the rest of the line.
BufNameComplete Insert mode completion of filenames loaded in Vim.
SearchHighlighting Highlighting of searches via star, auto-highlighting.
ChangeGlobally Change {motion} text and repeat the substitution.
ChangeGloballySmartCase Change {motion} text and repeat as SmartCase substitution.
SameSyntaxMotion Motions to the borders of the same syntax highlighting.
GlobalOptions Turn global options into buffer- or window-local ones.
ingo-library Vimscript library of common functions.
QuickFixCurrentNumber Locate the quickfix item at the cursor position.
RelativeNumberCurrentWindow Only show relative numbers in the currently active window.
ProportionalResize Adapt the window proportions after Vim is resized.
LineJugglerCommands Commands to duplicate and move around lines.
PreserveNoEOL Preserve missing EOL at the end of text files.
PatternsOnText Advanced commands to apply regular expressions.
AutoAdapt Automatically adapt timestamps, copyright notices, etc.
BidiComplete Insert mode completion that considers text before AND AFTER the cursor.
DuplicateWrite Cascade the writing of a file to another location.
TextFormComplete Convert textual options into completion candidates.
JumpToVerticalOccurrence Like f{char}, but searching the same screen column, not line.
repeatableMapping Set up mappings that can be repeated via repeat.vim.
ExtractMatches Yank matches from range into a register.
InnerFragmentComplete Insert mode completion based on fragments inside words.
MultiWordComplete Insert mode completion that completes a sequence of words based on anchors.
InsertFromAround Insert mode mappings to fetch text or indent from surrounding lines.
ExtractLinks Replace inline links with unique references and a link table.
FilePathConvert Convert filespec between absolute, relative, and URL formats.
clone Create a duplicate clone of the current buffer.
cloneSimilar Create a duplicate clone of the current buffer with a similar name.
LineComplete Insert mode completion of entire lines based on looser matching.
SearchRepeat Repeat the last type of search via n/N.
SearchSpecial Generic functions for special search modes.
AlphaComplete Insert mode completion based on any sequence of alphabetic characters.
FindOccurrence Extended mappings for :isearch, :ilist and :ijump.
FormatToWidth Apply the gq command to the selected / count width.
AdvancedSorters Sorting of certain areas or by special needs.
SwapText Mappings to exchange text with the previously deleted text.
AdvancedDiffOptions Additional diff options and commands to manage them.
SearchInRange Limit search to range when jumping to the next search result.
EntryComplete Insert mode completion based on lines in designated files or buffers.
SpecialLocationComplete Insert mode completion for special custom patterns.
ModelineCommands Extended modelines that allow the execution of arbitrary Vim commands.
syn-preproc C preprocessor syntax on top of other syntaxes.
SearchAsQuickJump Quick search without affecting 'hlsearch', search pattern and history.
SubstituteExpression Pass text through an expression.
WORDComplete Insert mode completion that completes an entire sequence of non-blank characters
AutoSave Automatically persist a buffer frequently.
JumpToVerticalBlock Like W / E, but vertically in the same column.
MarkMarkup Convert mark.vim highlighting to markup inside the text.
AdvancedMarks Work with marks with more power.
CmdlineSpecialEdits Useful replacements of parts of the cmdline.
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