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Script Type Rating Down
OmniCppComplete ftplugin 3365 104370 C/C++ omni-completion with ctags database
TVO: The Vim Outliner ftplugin 2832 16654 Turn vim into a full-featured text outliner
xmledit ftplugin 1539 44258 A filetype plugin to help edit XML, HTML, and SGML documents
Nvim-R ftplugin 1345 35455 Plugin to work with R
pythoncomplete ftplugin 1313 53131 Python Omni Completion
LaTeX-Suite (aka Vim-LaTeX) ftplugin 996 9380 A rich set of tools for editing LaTeX
pyflakes.vim ftplugin 973 32835 PyFlakes on-the-fly Python code checking
Ada Bundle ftplugin 959 7022 Complete Ada-Mode as Vim-Ball or Tar.bz2
javacomplete ftplugin 715 28113 Omni Completion for JAVA
csv.vim ftplugin 691 16840 A Filetype plugin for csv files.
MatchTag ftplugin 679 11718 MatchParen for HTML tags.
VimClojure ftplugin 650 23311 A filetype, syntax and indent plugin for Clojure
AutomaticLaTeXPlugin ftplugin 626 129504 Background compilation, completion, bib serch, toc and other nice features.
taskpaper.vim ftplugin 546 8054 TaskPaper to-do list format support
Python-mode-klen ftplugin 511 8468 python mode
auctex.vim ftplugin 484 11659 macros for latex
WOIM.vim ftplugin 473 5145 WOIM outliner (replaced by HyperList: Script# 4006)
xml.vim ftplugin 409 25177 helps editing xml (and [x]html, sgml, xslt) files
CCTree ftplugin 390 16790 C Call-Tree Explorer -- Cscope based source-code browser; code flow analyzer
vimshell-ssh ftplugin 354 1605 You can run Vim over ssh on Vim!
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