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taglist.vim utility 14415 343800 Source code browser (supports C/C++, java, perl, python, tcl, sql, php, etc)
The NERD tree utility 9053 245064 A tree explorer plugin for navigating the filesystem
c.vim utility 5549 137444 C/C++ IDE -- Write and run programs. Insert statements, idioms, comments etc.
python.vim syntax 1996 132675 Enhanced version of the python syntax highlighting script
AutomaticLaTeXPlugin ftplugin 626 131314 Background compilation, completion, bib serch, toc and other nice features.
bufexplorer.zip utility 3514 125279 Buffer Explorer / Browser
minibufexpl.vim utility 3878 123649 Elegant buffer explorer - takes very little screen space
OmniCppComplete ftplugin 3378 105266 C/C++ omni-completion with ctags database
Colo(u)r Sampler Pack color scheme 4066 100101 [[[Oct 2012 Update]]] Top 100(ish) Themes, GUI Menu
rails.vim utility 6400 95425 Ruby on Rails: easy file navigation, enhanced syntax highlighting, and more
snipMate utility 6498 94318 TextMate-style snippets for Vim
SuperTab utility 2921 91726 Do all your insert-mode completion with Tab.
project.tar.gz utility 3379 89240 Organize/Navigate projects of files (like IDE/buffer explorer)
a.vim utility 3545 86579 Alternate Files quickly (.c --> .h etc)
winmanager utility 999 85470 A windows style IDE for Vim 6.0
molokai color scheme 5419 79021 A port of the monokai scheme for TextMate
pathogen.vim utility 5830 77801 Poor man's package manager. Easy manipulation of 'runtimepath' et al
AutoComplPop utility 4498 73838 Automatically opens popup menu for completions
The NERD Commenter utility 2120 68970 A plugin that allows for easy commenting of code for many filetypes.
Pydiction utility 1300 66310 Tab-complete your Python code
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